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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

SFAMSan Francisco Attorney Magazine: Winter 2011


Emergency Compromise Temporarily Rescues San Francisco Superior Court (1.4MBPDFPDF)

Amicus Brief Advances Bar's Mission in Same Sex Marriage Case (868KBPDFPDF)

Senior Partners Opening Their Own Firms (1.2MBPDFPDF)

Delayed Discovery and Accrual: For Whom the Statute of Limitations Does Not Toll (984KBPDFPDF)

Gold in the Scales of Justice (791KBPDFPDF)

The Green Office 2.0 - Bay Area Firms Adopting Latest Green Technologies (1MBPDFPDF)

Review of Recent Cases: Class Action Certification - The United States and California Supreme Courts Made it Easier to Certify Certain Class Actions (1MBPDFPDF)

Small Spaces, Big Hearts: Visiting San Francisco Courts' Children's Waiting Rooms (1.6MBPDFPDF)

BASF Foundation's Annual Gala - The Gala's in the Neighborhood (3.3MBPDFPDF)

Corporate Sector Investment in Safety Net Services (1MBPDFPDF)


President's Report - Reflecting on BASF in 2011: From Advocating for Court Funding to Fighting for the Right to Justice (1.6MBPDFPDF)

BASF is Turning 140: Historical Moments 1977 to 2011 (1.1MBPDFPDF)

Tales from the Bench - Judge Hoff: Jesus Loves You but the Rest of Us Think You're an A#$hole (980KBPDFPDF)

Briefcase Excursions: Yosemite in Winter (5MBPDFPDF)

Profile of a BASF Board Member: David Tsai (976KBPDFPDF)

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