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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

Cover designed by Suheyl AktariSan Francisco Attorney Magazine: Winter 2006


California Firms Follow New York Advertising Rules with Dismay (99KBPDF)

Super Lawyers (351KBPDF)

Our Brand is Diversity (711KBPDF)

Redefining Merit in the Legal Profession (335KBPDF)

BASF Members Leading City Departments: Public Defender Jeff Adachi (344KBPDF)

Immigrant or Resident? A Tale of In Between (3MBPDF)

Profile of Foundation Board Member: Clothilde Hewlett (230KBPDF)



President's Report: A Year of Achievement and Progress (529KBPDF)

Supreme Court Watch: The Supreme's Lighter Moments (613KBPDF)

Tales from the Bench: Once Upon a New Year'e Eve (351KBPDF)


The Power of the Poet: Forrest Hainline (553KBPDF)

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