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San Francisco Attorney Magazine: Summer 2011

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Summer 2011 - San Francisco Attorney Magazine

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The Practice of Law (4MBPDFPDF)
Behind the scenes with young lawyers working on the same-sex marriage cases

A Different Point of View (1.2MBPDFPDF)
An interview with Judge Victoria Kolakowski

Barristers Club: From Barristers to BASF Leaders - A Natural Lineage (4.6MBPDFPDF)

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag Discusses Priorities (1.2MBPDFPDF)

BASF Plebiscite for San Francisco District Attorney (821KBPDFPDF)

Technology - Uniquely iOS: There's a [Legal] App For That (2MBPDFPDF)

Review of Recent Cases: FLSA Class Actions - Businesses Avoid Paying More Overtime During Tough Economic Times (949KBPDFPDF)


President's Report: BASF's Long History of Active Involvement (853KBPDFPDF)

Supreme Court Watch: Establishment Clause Déjà Vu All Over Again (2.3MBPDFPDF)

Tales from the Bench: Fast Forward (827KBPDFPDF)

BASF is Turning 140 (2.1MBPDFPDF)

Profile of a Barristers Club President: Matthew Gluck (1.7MBPDFPDF)

Briefcase Excursions: Location, Location, Location - By the Bay at Monterey (4.1MBPDFPDF)

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