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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

SFAMSan Francisco Attorney Magazine: Spring 2012


Pro Bono - Acts of Giving That Keep Giving(5MBPDFPDF)

Gap Inc.'s Legal Department's Pro Bono Effort (809KBPDFPDF)

And Dignity for All: Helping Small Businesses Become ADA Compliant (3MBPDFPDF)

Macworld - Tools for Attorneys (1MBPDFPDF)

Review of Recent Cases: Private Attorney General Statute - Attorneys Get Paid When Their Work Helps More Than Just Their Clients (213KBPDFPDF)

Trial by Fire for First-Year Chief Justice (1.7MBPDFPDF)


President's Report Access to Justice, Diversity and Service - Top 2012 Commitments (438KBPDFPDF)

Supreme Court Watch: Hail to the Chief (7.5MBPDFPDF)

Tales from the Bench - My Wandering Mind (812KBPDFPDF)

Briefcase Excursions: Returning to Santa Fe Again and Again (5MBPDFPDF)

Profile of a BASF President: Kelly Dermody (212KBPDFPDF)

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