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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

SFAMSan Francisco Attorney Magazine: Spring 2010


Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Reinvigorating the Initiative and Celebrating Successful Women (2.8MBPDF)

Profiles of Success (3.6MBPDFPDF)

Career Paths: BASF - A Path to Personal and Professional Growth (763KBPDF)

The Challenges and Rewards of an Administrative Law Judge (1MBPDF)

Solo and Small Firm: Some Considerations for Sharing Office Space (591KBPDF)

After Petitions for Review - What to Expect in the California Supreme Court (762KBpdfPDF)

On-The-Job Injuries: Workers' Independent Contractor Status - Not Always Favorable to the Hirer (839KBpdfPDF)


President's Report: How Can I Help? (1.65MBPDF)

Tales from the Bench: Obituaries (447KBPDF)

Profile: A Talk with 2010 BASF President Arturo J. González (821KBPDF)

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