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Bar Association of San Francisco Member Benefits: Publications

Tanya NeimanSan Francisco Attorney Magazine: Spring 2006


A Guiding Light at VLSP: Tanya Neiman, 1949-2006 (576KBPDF)

Representing the Poor - Pro Bono Services Can Change Lives (498KBPDF)

Doing Well by Doing Good: Pro Bono Work (248KBPDF)

VLSP and the Holistic Approach (246KBPDF)

Limited Scope Representation Broadens Range of Pro Bono Services (311KBPDF)

Limited Scope (266KBPDF)

How Pro Bono Benefits Attorneys (863KBPDF)

Does Pro Bono have a Place in Business Development? (283KBPDF)

LRIS Attorney Profile: Jane Ginsburg (129KBPDF)

Are You Sure Your Fee Agreement is Valid? (379KBPDF)

Saluting William Audet and Alexander Hawes & Audet LLP (110KBPDF)

The BASF Foundation Presents Hillary Rodham Clinton with Jane Pauley (1MBPDF)

Profile of a President: Joan Haratani (217KBPDF)


President's Report: A Long Time Coming (364KBPDF)

Supreme Court Watch: Advice and Consent on Supreme Court Justices (873KBPDF)

Tales from the Bench: For Whom Pro Bono Tolls (216KBPDF)


What's Your Fancy? Attorney's Collect Shot Glasses, Soundtracks and Penguins (618KBPDF)

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