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Professional Resources

Sections and committees are one of the top benefits of membership in BASF. Sections covering many practice areas are offered in both BASF and the Barristers Club. Section membership is an excellent way to meet other professionals, share expertise and improve the practice of law -- and receive discounts on continuing legal education seminars. Committee members help define policy while working with others on issues that affect us all.

  • BASF Committees

    BASF committees offer excellent opportunities to work on extremely important issues such as equality, ethics and future legislation.

  • BASF Sections

    BASF offers over 20 sections that provides networking opportunities for legal professionals, continuing education and career development.

  • Barristers Committees

    The nine Barristers’ committees are focused on community service, networking with peers and/or professional growth.

  • Barristers Sections

    With over fifteen sections to join, Barrister's section membership will give you access to discounted CLE classes, leadership positions and networking opportunities with attorneys in your practices area.


You can easily join a section or committee today. Call 415-982-1600 and ask for Member Services or return the Committee and Section Application (58KB by fax to 415-477-2388.