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Member Directory – For Members Only

For members only: Log in to access our directories. Our BASF directory is published annually and is one of our most popular benefits.

All members receive one free printed copy with membership!

This valuable resource incorporates the following sub-directories into one volume, making it the most comprehensive directory of its kind in California.

  • Areas of Practice: Listings of Bay Area attorneys by their practice specialty, including their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn information. Available only in print.

  • BASF Member Roster: Online here at BASF. Contact information for all BASF members. \

  • Court Resources: Online here at BASF. Listing of judges and administrative officials in San Francisco courts, as well as state and federal courts. 

Members may purchase additional copies of the BASF Directory for $49 plus California sales tax of 8.50%.

Non-members please call 415-782-8907 to order a copy or click here for a publications order form, PDF

For members only: Log in to access our directories.