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Professional Resources

Member Directory – For Members Only

Our member directory is available online and accessible to current members only.

Log in to access all directories. Once logged in, select "Member Directory" from the left-hand menu to search for a member by name or organization, browse members, or meet our newest members.

BASF also published the following directories in print and online:

All members receive one free printed copy of our directory with membership! This valuable resource incorporates the following sub-directories into one volume, making it the most comprehensive directory of its kind in California.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Listings of Bay Area mediators, special masters and arbitrators. Avaialble in print and online (no login required)  

Members may purchase additional copies of the BASF Directory for $49 plus California sales tax of 8.50%.

Non-members please call 415-782-8907 to order a copy or click here for a publications order form, PDF