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  • Ralph Crawford PE
    Forensic Electrical Engineer

    708 Trancas St.
    Napa, CA 94558-

    Phone: (650) 208-7940

    Fire Investigation; Shocks and Electrocutions; Design, Construction and Manufacturing Defects; Trade Practices; Electrical Codes; Electro-Mechanical Equipment; Power Lines and Circuits; Grounding; Vehicles: Autos, RVs, Big Rigs, Boats.
    BSEE; Registered Engineer; Electrical Contractor; Commercial Vehicle.
  • Institute of Risk and Safety Analyses
    Kenneth A. Solomon PhD
    Chief Scientist

    5324 Canoga Avenue
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364-

    Phone: (818) 348-1133
    Alternate: (818) 348-0091
    Fax: (818) 348-4484

    Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Computer Simulations, 3D Photography, Auto, Truck, Bike, Chair, Forklift, Ladder, Pool, Escalator, Elevator, Gate, Press, Industrial, Recreational, Use of Drones, Slips/Trips, Criminal & Civil Cases. Staff size: 12
    Ph.D.; P.E.; Post Ph.D.
  • Dirk H. Duffner PE
    Engineering Mechanical / President
    Duffner Engineering

    50 W. Summit Drive
    Emerald Hills, CA 94062-

    Phone: (650) 701-1055
    Fax: (650) 701-1056

    Failure analysis of mechanical systems, mechanical and materials engineering, fatigue and fracture (metals, ceramics, plastics, composite materials) finite element analysis, strain gage and accelerometer testing. Fires, explosions, construction defect investigation.
    BSME; MSME; Prof. Mech. Engr. CA, NV.
  • Rexford Upp PhD
    Geotechnical Expert

    P.O. Box 725
    Campbell, CA 95009-0725

    Phone: (408) 590-5587

    Soil Engineering and Engineering Geology; Drainage (including foundation and basement moisture intrusion); earth movement (including Landslides, soil creep, expansive soil, fill settlement, erosion); geologic hazard evaluation (faults, earthquakes, liquifaction); distressed foundations/structures (residential, industrial, commercial).
    MSCE, PhD, PG, CEG, HG, PE, GE.
    Formal Education
    BS, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley, 1966; AB, Geology, Humboldt State Univ., 1975; BS, Environmental Engineering, Humboldt State Univ., 1975; MS, Watershed Management, Humboldt State Univ., 1975; MS, Soil Engineering, Stanford Univ., 1977; PhD, Engineering Geology, Stanford Univ., 1982.
    Registered Geologist; Certified Engineering Geologist; Certified Hydrogeologist; Registered Civil Engineer; Registered Geotechnical Engineer.
    Previous/Current Position
    Geotechnical Expert (2012), Principal Engineer/Geologist at Upp Geotechnology, Inc. (1983-2012); Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey (1978-1980); Lecturer in Soil Engineering and rock mechanics, San Jose State University (1985-1987).
    CalGeo 2008 and 2010 Outstanding Project Award.
    Prof. Affil.
    CalGeo - The California Geotechnical Engineering Association (Past President); Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists, (Past President and past San Francisco Section Chairman); American Society of Civil Engineers (Life Member); Geologic Society of America (Senior Member); Forensic Expert Witness Association.
    Over 30 professional publications and conference papers on landslides (e.g. "Scenic Drive Landslide, San Mateo County, Triggered by El Niño"), erosion (e.g. "Coastal bluff stabilization in Santa Cruz"), active faulting, Loma Prieta earthquake, distressed structures, ground water, and grading (e.g. "Grade a Road: Go to Jail - A Saga of California Criminal Justice").
    Prior Expert
    Testimony at over 20 trials; 75 depositions for both plaintiffs/defense in civil cases relating to wrongful deaths, landslides, foundation settlement, grading, fill compaction, and standard-of-care; and a criminal case relating to grading/erosion.
  • Bonneau Dickson PE
    Consulting Sanitary Engineer

    2428 McGee Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94703-1600

    Phone: (510) 845-8625
    Fax: (510) 845-4606

    Water and wastewater projects; Sewers; Sewer Overflows; Septic tanks; Coliform contamination; Remedial measures and their costs; Recruitment of expert teams, investigation, analysis, summarization of voluminous documents into succinct yet thorough summaries. Forty years experience.
    BSCE, MS, MA, MBA, PE Civil (CA).
  • Philip T. Tringale PhD
    Senior Consultant
    Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

    501 14th Street
    3rd Floor
    Oakland, CA 94612-

    Phone: (510) 874-7000

    Dr. Tringale provides expert testimony for cases involving National Contingency Plan compliance, identification of contaminant sources, magnitude and extent of contamination, remedial cost estimates, and allocation of cost and responsibility.
    Formal Education
    Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1982; M. Eng., Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1979; M.S., Civil Engineering (Engineering Geology), Drexel University, Philadelphia, 1977
    Professional Engineer (P.E.) in California and New York
    Previous/Current Position
    Previous: Director of the Western Region; Current: Senior Consultant
    American College of Forensic Examiners (Diplomat/Fellow), Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Society; Patent: Acoustic Penetrometer for Subsurface Soil Characterization
    Prof. Affil.
    American Society of Civil Engineers; National Ground Water Association; International Society for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
    Prior Expert
    Landfill investigation and closure; Cleanup of 200-acre waterfront site; Investigation and remediation of a 5-mile-long plume of contaminated groundwater emanating from beneath a manufacturing facility; Investigation and remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated at a metal-parts fabrication plant; Site investigation and remediation program at an industrial site
  • Derek L. Watry
    Principal Consultant
    Wilson IHRIG

    6001 Shellmound Street, Suite 400
    Emeryville, CA 94608-

    Phone: (510) 658-6719 Ext 105
    Fax: (510) 652-4441

    Audibility; Noise exposure; Noise and vibration predictions; Acoustical compliance; Sound demonstrations; Building Acoustics.
    BS, MS, MBA.
  • Berkeley Engineering And Research, Inc.
    Glen R. Stevick PhD
    Prinicpal Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

    808 Gilman Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710-2217

    Phone: (510) 549-3300 Ext 1
    Alternate: (510) 549-3300 Ext 5
    Fax: (510) 962-8230

    (Expert Witness; Design/Failure Analysis & Forensic Investigations; Materials and Mechanical testing; Stress/Fracture Analysis; Fire Combustion; Safety Assessment; Laboratory Testing; Accident Reconstruction, Auto/Truck/Motorcycle; Piping; Pressure Vessels; Pumps; Conveyors; Cranes; Berkeley Engineering and Research (BEAR) is a full service forensic engineering firm with extensive experience investigating a wide range of incidents and failures that are central to litigation and insurance claims. Dr. Stevick, CEO has over 25 years of experience in failure analysis and design of structures, consumer products, industrial and medical equipment. Including: mechanical - electrical systems; implants; turbines and reciprocating engines; automotive and aircraft components; pressure vessels and pipelines; offshore platforms and drilling equipment; pressure vessels/piping/containers; blowout and breakaway devices; heat exchangers and combustion analysis. BEAR engineers are skilled in many disciplines including testing and mathematical analysis of hydraulic systems, explosion causation and prevention, ignition systems, accident reconstructions and crashworthiness, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, electronic control systems, material behavior, heat transfer and structure/fluid interaction. Our integrated services and investigative approach allow us to objectively determine the proximate cause of a loss, and address the unique needs of each client.
    Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering; Ph.D. Materials Science; Ph.D. Electrical and Chemical Engineering; Professional Engineer. (CA, UT, NV, TX, LA).
  • Thomas P. Shefchick PE
    Forensic Electrical Engineer
    Shefchick Engineering

    319 Birch Ridge Drive
    Rio Vista, CA 94571-

    Phone: (408) 981-5023
    Alternate: (408) 981-5023
    Fax: (866) 420-7955

    Claims analysis; Expert witness; Personal injury; Electric shock and electrocution; Products liability; Property damage; Fire investigation; Lightning/surge damage; Electrical damage; Accident reconstruction.
    BSEE, Prof. Engr. (CA, HI, FL, NJ, PA).
  • Engineering Resource Associates, Inc.
    James P. Waltz PE

    1280 Greenbrier Road
    West Sacramento, CA 95691-

    Phone: (925) 518-2006
    Alternate: (925) 447-1140
    Fax: (925) 447-1706

    Construction defect expert witness; Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC); Indoor air quality; Mechanical and electrical building systems; Performance contracting; Site survey, and testing; Discovery, interrogatories, depositions and mediation; Plaintiff and defense.
    Board Cert. Forensic Engineer; BSME, MBA, Prof. Engineer (CA, NV), Cert. Energy Manager.
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