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  • Featured Lister
    James C. Jeffery III
    Traffic & Civil Engineering Consulting Services

    P.O. Box 961
    Los Gatos, CA 95031-0961

    Phone: (408) 377-6222
    Alternate: (916) 447-1348

    Roadway design defect analysis to determine dangerous condition, safety and liability; design immunity; construction zone accidents; investigations involving all roadway types, parking lots, all vehicle types, pedestrians, bicyclists; traffic control devices; transportation planning. Consulting City TE. Plaintiff/Defense, 35+ years experience.
    BS, Engineering Management; BS, Environmental Studies; Registered Traffic Engineer, TE #1179 (CA); Registered Civil Engineer, CE #36644 (CA); General Engineering Contractor #391026 (CA); Life Fellow, ITE.
  • Featured Lister
    Kenneth H. Brown PhD
    Chemical Expert Witness

    1889 Maple Avenue
    Suite N-3
    Evanston, IL 60201-

    Phone: (847) 475-2755
    Alternate: (847) 922-1040
    Fax: (847) 475-3545

    Hazardous Materials, Industrial Chemicals, Household Chemical Products, Labels & Warnings, Product Liability, Premises Liability, Aerosols & Spray Products, Chemical Exposure, Chemical Accidents, Paint & Coatings, Failure Analysis, Patent Infringement, Trade Secrets.
    Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Loyola University of Chicago, 1970; M.S. Organic Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 1967; B.S. Chemistry, University of Illinois, 1965;
    Previous/Current Position
    Current: Chemical Expert Witness 1999-2018. V.P. Research & Development at Roman Adhesives, 1997-1999. Executive Director, Paint Research Associates, Eastern Michigan University, 1994-1997. Technical Director, Rust-Oleum Corp., 1987-1994. Senior Scientist, Continental Can Company, 1970-1974"
    Prof. Affil.
    American Chemical Society; National Paint & Coatings Association; National Aerosol Association;
    See my CV for list of publications and patents at
    Prior Expert
    19 years experience as expert witness and consultant for matters involving injuries due to hazardous chemicals; for paint and coatings failures; for intellectual property matters; for chemical exposure cases; for chemical accidents.
  • Featured Lister
    Francis R. Abueg PhD
    Owner / Psychologist
    TraumaResource: Clinical & Forensic Psychology

    1230 Sargent Drive
    Suite A
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087-2840

    Phone: (408) 390-3520
    Fax: (866) 223-8320

    PTSD expert witness, testing and evaluation; active duty military or veteran trauma; survivors of domestic and community violence; dissociation and dissociative disorders; mitigation; capital defense; rebuttal testimony for State; ethnic minority and gender - based (including transgender) trauma survivors; Early childhood trauma and disorganized attachment.
    PhD; CA State Licensed Psychologist (PSY11960).
    Formal Education
    PhD, Clinical Psychology, SUNY Binghamton, 1987; MA, Clinical Psychology, SUNY Binghamton, 1983; BS, Psychology with emphasis in Computer Science, Honors, Santa Clara University, 1980.
    Psychologist (CA PSY11960); Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (BCETS); Diplomate, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress (AAETS).
    Previous/Current Position
    Owner, TraumaResource; Former Associate Director for Research, National Center for PTSD; Former Clinical Faculty, Stanford School of Medicine, Dept. of Psychiatry; Staff Psychologist, Kaiser Permante Medical Center, Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine, San Jose.
    Co-Chief Resident, University of Mississippi Medical Ctr./VA Consortium (1985-86); Consultation and/or direct service in 16 national or international disasters including Oklahoma Bombing, Bombing of US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, 2 deployments to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; 6 outstanding performance awards at Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Award for Meritorious Service for participation in a national study of psychophysiology of Vietnam veterans with PTSD. Collaborating Investigator (2012-2013), Routine Clinical Practice Settings, DSM-5 Field Trials; Consultation to Ukranian mental health leadership: Trainings in Lviv and Kiev in May 2014 and ongoing remote consultation in acute and long-term effects of combat trauma.
    Prof. Affil.
    American Psychological Association (APA); International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS); California Psychological Association (CPA); Former President, Santa Clara County Psychological Association; American Psychology - Law Society (APLS); American College of Forensic Psychology (ACFP); International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD).
    Over 30 peer-reviewed journal publications; Co-Editor of first edition of Cognitive Behavioral Therapies for Trauma (Guilford Press).
    Prior Expert
    16 death penalty cases; 1991, Invited Congressional Testimony on Needs of Ethnic Minority Vietnam Veterans with PTSD; Over 140 trials and/or depostions.
  • Featured Lister
    Douglas Moss
    Pilot and Engineer
    AeroPacific Consulting LLC

    195 N. Argyle Ct.
    Reno, NV 89511-

    Phone: (310) 503-4350
    Fax: (815) 550-8766

    Aircraft Accident Investigation, Pilot Error, Aviation Human Factors, Air Traffic Control Procedures, Products Liability, Airport Land-Use Compatibility, FAR Part 77 Obstruction Criteria, Birdstrike Hazards, Solar Glint/Glitter, Thermal Plumes.
    BS, Engr.; MS, Engr.; MBA; JD; CFI/CFII/MEI/ATP.
  • Tuuli Messer-Bookman Esq
    California Maritime Academy

    836 B Southampton Rd.
    Benicia, CA 94510-

    Phone: (707) 334-3671
    Alternate: (707) 654-1234
    Fax: (253) 649-5173

    Personal injury, Boating, Seamanship, Rules of the Road, CFR's and regulatory compliance, navigation and piloting, maritime standards and practices, collision avoidance, mooring practice.
    USCG Master's License, any tonnage, any ocean, JD, BS, LCDR Naval Reserve, Unlimited Radar Observer.
  • WEXCO North
    Zachary M. Moore PE

    2295 San Pablo Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94702-

    Phone: (510) 278-8805
    Alternate: (415) 281-3877
    Fax: (310) 306-7480

    WEXCO North is the Northern California branch of WEXCO International Corp., a forensic engineering firm. Expert testimony in the following areas: Premises Liability (Slip Resistance, Building Code Violations, Safety Code, Human Factors, Stairways, Ramps, Guardrails, Walkways, Parking Lots, Gates, Lighting); Vehicular Accidents (Visibility & Lighting, Roadway Maintenance, Perception & Reaction Time Breaking Distance, Impact Force Calculations, Roadway Design, Signs & Warnings, Construction Area Traffic Controls); Accident Reconstruction (Force Calculations, Line of Sight, Center of Gravity, Time & Motion, Animation Simulation); Safety Engineering (Falls from Height, Ladders, Scaffolds, Manlifts, Consumer Products, Materials-Failure Analysis, Machine Guarding); Construction Defect & Construction Disputes. WEXCO consists of multiple Experts, each with diverse background, training and experience, and supported by a team of Engineers.
  • Shakir Shatnawi PhD, PE
    Licenced Civil Engineer--President

    7064 Tarvisio Way
    El Dorado Hills, CA 95762-

    Phone: (916) 990-6488
    Alternate: (916) 790-1158

    Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Pavement Engineering, Materials Engineering, Construction Defects, Construction Disputes, Highway Safety, Road Defects, Traffic Accidents (vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles), Maintenance, Repairs, Road Hazards, Asphalt, Concrete, Sight Distance, Friction, Skid, Forensics Analysis, Failure Analysis, Slip/Fall/Trip Accidents.
    Ph.D.; M.S.; B.S.; Professional Engineer License; Forensic Expert Witness Association
  • William Kunzman PE
    Kunzman Associates

    1111 Town Country #34
    Orange, CA 92868-

    Phone: (714) 973-8383 Ext 201
    Alternate: (714) 904-2821
    Fax: (714) 973-8821

    Traffic engineer expert witness - motor vehicle accidents (automobile, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle). Knowledge of governmental agency procedures, roadway design, geometrics, signs, traffic controls, parking, and maintenance. Largest verdict $12,200,000 against Caltrans in a pedestrian accident case. Largest settlement $3,750,000.
    Bachelor of Science.
  • Institute of Risk and Safety Analyses
    Kenneth A. Solomon PhD
    Chief Scientist

    5324 Canoga Avenue
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364-

    Phone: (818) 348-1133
    Alternate: (818) 348-0091
    Fax: (818) 348-4484

    Accident Reconstruction, Biomechanics, Human Factors, Computer Simulations, 3D Photography, Auto, Truck, Bike, Chair, Forklift, Ladder, Pool, Escalator, Elevator, Gate, Press, Industrial, Recreational, Use of Drones, Slips/Trips, Criminal & Civil Cases. Staff size: 12
    Ph.D.; P.E.; Post Ph.D.
  • David Benaroya Helfant PhD
    Senior Project Engineer/Project Mgr.
    Seisco Engineering and and Bay Area Structural, Inc.

    1187 Ocean Avenue
    Emeryville, CA 94608-

    Phone: (510) 547-8540
    Alternate: (510) 719-8250
    Fax: (510) 527-7785

    Construction defect; Code compliance; Accidents, construction safety; Storm drainage, environmental investigations and mold testing; Concrete construction, curing, waterproofing; Foundations, repairs; Earthquake reinforcing; Litigation support, forensic investigations; ADR; Cost estimating; Casualty loss.
    BS, PhD, Post Doctorate: Architecture & Engineering, CA "A"-Gen.Engr., CA "B"-Gen.Bldg., CA "C-21"-Demolition, Hazardous Remediation Lic., ICC #266760
    Formal Education
    BS, Cornell University, 1969; PhD, Statistical Analysis,University of Chicago, 1977; Post Doc., Architecture and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1981-83; Post Doc., Architecture/Environmental Design.
    Full Member-American Society of Civil Engineers; AIA, Assoc. Member, Professional Member, International Code Council, California General Engineering (A); California General Building (B); Hazardous Materials Removal and Remediation (HMRRC), Demolition and Structure Moving Licence (C-21).
    Previous/Current Position
    Design Principal, Seisco Engineering & Environmental Design Associates, General Mgr., Senior Project Engineer, Bay Area Structural, Inc., General Engineering Corporation. Research Specialist, Environmental Design Research; Professor, Community Development Studies; Professor, Public Administration. General Engineering and Environmental Designer and Construction Manager. Technical Expert - California State Contractors License Board. Certified Arbitrator, Cont. State License Board. Certified Arbitrator, Cont. State License Board.
    US-Army Corps of Engineers-"Outstanding-Project"-1997; US-Air Force: "Outstanding Proj. Mgmt."-1999.
    Prof. Affil.
    American Society of Civil Engineers; Professional Member, International Code Council. American Institute of Architects, Assoc. Mbr; Associate member American Institute of Architects; Charter member Structural Engineering Institute, ASCE.
    4 publications; Two books - Earthquake Safe: A Hazard Reduction Manual for Homes; Drainage Methods for Dry Buildings and Stable Sites (forthcoming).
    Prior Expert
    250 cases as an expert witness; 750 special investigations; 10,000 structural and engineering inspections and assessment reports.
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