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    Mark I. Levy MD, DLFAPA
    Medical Director
    Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corp.

    655 Redwood Highway, Suite 271
    Mill Valley, CA 94941-

    Phone: (415) 388-8040
    Fax: (415) 388-1225

    Mass Tort Litigation; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - accidents, slip & fall, disaster, violence, loss/bereavement, death/divorce, torture, terrorization, sexual abuse/harassment, incest, rape/molestation, pain (PTSD symptoms: anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, flashbacks, extreme moodiness, hyper-vigilance, fearfulness, reduced performance, sexual dysfunction); ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act; Psychoanalysis; Psychotherapy; Psychopharmacology; Boundary Violations; Malpractice.
    MD (CA, HI). Diplomate of the American Board Psychiatry and Neurology, Adult & Forensic Psychiatry.
    Formal Education
    AB, MD, Columbia University.
    MD (CA, HI); DEA, QME (currently inactive).
    Previous/Current Position
    Asst. Clinical Professor/Psychiatry, UCSF; Faculty UCSF and San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute; Former Chairman San Francisco Foundation for Psychoanalysis; Media Medical Expert.
    Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.
    Prof. Affil.
    UCSF, Dept. of Psychiatry, Asst. Clinical Professor; Distinguished Life Fellow of American, California and Northern California Psychiatric Associations; Member of International Psychoanalytic Assn.; former officer & board member, San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute and Society; American Academy of Psychiatry and The Law; Founder and former Chairman San Francisco Foundation for Psychoanalysis; Psych. lecturer to Bar Association of San Francisco.
    15 publications including "The use of Forensic Psychiatry in Catastrophic Injury and Multi-Party Litigation" BNA (Bllomberg) Insight, (13:23 Dec. 2013). "Stressing The Point: PTSD - What It Is and What It Is Not" For The Defense, Defense Research Institute, Nov. 1995. "Shrink in the Courtroom," (2000) and "Assessing the Truth," (2000), San Francisco Attorney Magazine.
    Prior Expert
    Approx. 450 civil cases involving allegations of psychological injury. Defense: plaintiff 65% - 35%. PTSD, ADA, FEHA, Sexual harassment, psychotic states, incest, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, phobias; Psychiatric malpractice: Wrongful death, sexual or financial impropriety. Approx. 350 depositions; testified at trial in Federal and State Court 46 times.
  • Saul Rosenberg PhD
    PTSD and Traumatic Stress Expert
    Assoc. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF (Retired)

    21 Tamal Vista Blvd, Suite 194
    Corte Madera, CA 94925-

    Phone: (415) 925-3086
    Fax: (866) 845-8848

    PTSD, Trauma and Psychological injuries, Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders, Assessment of PTSD Sympton Validity and Malingering, Traumatic Brain Injury, Disability, Workers Compensation, Employment, ADA, Wrongful Termination, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, Testamentary Capacity/Undue Influence, Landlord/Tenant, Fitness-For-Duty, Mass Tort Litigation.
    PhD, Clinical Psychology, CA License PSY5596.
    Formal Education
    Post-Doctoral Fellow in Clinical Psychology, Mt. Zion Hospital-University of California, San Francisco, 1978; Certificat in Psychoanalysis, San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis, 1999; PhD in Clinical Psychology, Bowling Green State University, 1975; MA, Psychology, Queens College, City University of New York, 1973; BA, Psychology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1968.
    Psychologist CA PSY5596, Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) for Workers compensation, California.
    Previous/Current Position
    Associate Clinical Professor, University of California, San Francisco, 1991-present; Clinical and Forensic Psychology, 1978 - present; Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program, kaiser-South San Francisco, 1979-1981; Principal Investigator, NIMH grant on brief psychotherapy for psychiatric disorders. 1980-1985, Mount Zion Hospital-UCSF, San Francisco, CA.
    Life Member, American Psychological Association; BA Cum Laude with Distinction in Psychology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1968.
    Prof. Affil.
    American Psychological Association, Society for Personality Assessment, International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, National Academy of Neuropsychology, International Society for the of Pain.
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, 2014, M.J. Aminoff & R.B. Daroff, Editors, Encyclopedia of Neurological Sciences, Elsevier; Evidence-Based Forensic Psycholigical Assessment of Valifity and Malingering of PTSD, 2018, Annual Meeting of the international Society for Traumatic Stress Studies; Veterans with PTSD, Invited Congressional Testimony, House of Veterans' Affairs Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, 110th Congress; Multi-Method Assessment of Psycholical Impairment, Employability and Disability, 2010, Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment; Multi-Method Personality and Psychopathology Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury, 2009, Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality Assessment; Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy for Depression. In E. E. Beckham, & W. R. Lieber (Eds.) Handbook of Depression: Treatment Assessment and Research, 1985,Homewood, III., Dorsey Press; Stanford University Collaborative Project on Assessing Interpersonal Problems in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, 1991, in L. E. Beutler & M. Crago (Eds.). Psychotherapy Research, 299-304. Washington, D. C. American Psychological Association Press.
    Prior Expert
    Over 200 civil cases involving PTSD, Psychological Injuries and Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders; over 150 depositions; testified at trial more than 10 times.

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