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  • James Alan Jacobs PG
    Forensic Geologist / Environmental Scientist
    Clearwater Group

    229 Tewksbury Avenue
    Point Richmond, CA 94801-

    Phone: 5105901098
    Alternate: 5103079943
    Fax: 5102322823

    Cost Recovery, Impairment Assesments, Oil/Gas/Coal Valuation, Environmental Compliance, Groundwater/Soil Assessment/Remediation, Hydrogeology, Geohydrology, SWPPP, Wastewater, Fracking, HazMat, Injection, Acid Mine Dranage, Nitrates, MTBE, Sewer Air, Geoprobe Drilling.
    BA, Geology/English; MA, Geology; PG (CA, AK, AZ, ID, OR, PA, TX, WY, WA); CHG (CA, WA); Contractor (A,B,C-57, Haz, Asb)
    Formal Education
    MA Geology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1981 BA Geology/English, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, 1978
    Certified Professional Geologist (AIPG); Certified Petroleum Geologist (AAPG); Motor Vehicle - Commercial/ Haz
    Previous/Current Position
    Principal Geologist, Clearwater Group (1990- present); Project Geologist; Harding Lawson (now AMEC); Senior Geologist, Petrofina (now Total); Operations Geologist, SOHIO (now BP).
    Fulbright Scholar (4 teaching awards); Fellow, National Groundwater Assoc.; Martin Van Couvering Award, Honorary Member, Pres. Certificate (twice); American Institute of Professional Geologists; Selected by CalEPA for Peer-Review of PG&E Cr(VI) Background Study (Hinkley, CA site); Virtual Fellow (U.S. State Department); Selected on Fulbright Peer Review Committee (5 yrs); Publicly Elected to Community Svcs District (14 years); Elected Sewerage Board (14 years)
    Prof. Affil.
    Forensic Expert Witness Association, ASTM International, National Groundwater Association; American Institute of Professional Geologists; American Association of Petroleum Geologists; Association for the Environment, Health and Sciences; California Stormwater Quality Association
    100+ technical articles; 4 books: technical books: Oil Spills and Gas Leaks (McGraw-Hill, 2014); Acid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage and Acid Sulfate Soils (Wiley, 2014); Chromium VI Handbook (CRC Press, 2004); MTBE (CRC Press, 2001).
    Prior Expert
    Over 35 years experience. Testimony at 5 trials; 5 depositions; 4 settlement conferences; Northern and Southern California, Texas, and Colorado. Cases relate to oil/gas, and mine properties, industrial facilities, agricultural, public, commercial and residential properties.

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