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  • Sabrina Ma
    Director Business Development
    Roux Associates, Inc

    555 12th Street
    Suite 1725
    Oakland, CA 94607-

    Phone: (415) 967-6011
    Alternate: (415) 531-4480
    Fax: (415) 967-6001

    Roux Associates team of experts has evaluated complex technical issues in dispute during litigation and formulated expert opinions for presentation in reports, depositions and trials. Team members have provided expert witness testimony over a broad range of issues including the source and timing of chemical releases, groundwater contamination fate and transport, site cleanup cost and allocation among responsible parties, risk assessment, data validity and compliance with Federal and State regulators.
    Class A, Haz Contractors; Professional Engineer; Profesional Geologist; Professional Hydrogeologist
  • James Alan Jacobs PG
    Forensic Geologist / Environmental Scientist
    Clearwater Group

    229 Tewksbury Avenue
    Point Richmond, CA 94801-

    Phone: (510) 590-1098
    Alternate: (510) 307-9943
    Fax: (510) 232-2823

    Cost Recovery, Impairment Assesments, Oil/Gas/Coal Valuation, Environmental Compliance, Groundwater/Soil Assessment/Remediation, Hydrogeology, Geohydrology, SWPPP, Wastewater, Fracking, HazMat, Injection, Acid Mine Dranage, Nitrates, MTBE, Sewer Air, Geoprobe Drilling.
    BA, Geology/English; MA, Geology; PG (CA, AK, AZ, ID, OR, PA, TX, WY, WA); CHG (CA, WA); Contractor (A,B,C-57, Haz, Asb)
    Formal Education
    MA Geology, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, 1981 BA Geology/English, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, 1978
    Certified Professional Geologist (AIPG); Certified Petroleum Geologist (AAPG); Motor Vehicle - Commercial/ Haz
    Previous/Current Position
    Principal Geologist, Clearwater Group (1990- present); Project Geologist; Harding Lawson (now AMEC); Senior Geologist, Petrofina (now Total); Operations Geologist, SOHIO (now BP).
    Fulbright Scholar (4 teaching awards); Fellow, National Groundwater Assoc.; Martin Van Couvering Award, Honorary Member, Pres. Certificate (twice); American Institute of Professional Geologists; Selected by CalEPA for Peer-Review of PG&E Cr(VI) Background Study (Hinkley, CA site); Virtual Fellow (U.S. State Department); Selected on Fulbright Peer Review Committee (5 yrs); Publicly Elected to Community Svcs District (14 years); Elected Sewerage Board (14 years)
    Prof. Affil.
    Forensic Expert Witness Association, ASTM International, National Groundwater Association; American Institute of Professional Geologists; American Association of Petroleum Geologists; Association for the Environment, Health and Sciences; California Stormwater Quality Association
    100+ technical articles; 4 books: technical books: Oil Spills and Gas Leaks (McGraw-Hill, 2014); Acid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage and Acid Sulfate Soils (Wiley, 2014); Chromium VI Handbook (CRC Press, 2004); MTBE (CRC Press, 2001).
    Prior Expert
    Over 35 years experience. Testimony at 5 trials; 5 depositions; 4 settlement conferences; Northern and Southern California, Texas, and Colorado. Cases relate to oil/gas, and mine properties, industrial facilities, agricultural, public, commercial and residential properties.

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