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  • Bicycle Accident Investigaton
    Alexander LaRiviere
    Bicycle Experts

    11842 Diggles St., P.O. Box 130
    Fort Jones, CA 96032-

    Phone: (408) 294-2412
    Alternate: (408) 802-3927

    Expert testimony and professional consultation in regard to the design, construction, repairing of bicycles, bicycle safety and operation of bicycles and the cause of bicycle failure. Reconstructing mechanical aspects of bicycle accidents involving roadways, vehicles, railroad crossings, rider error or mechanical failure; explaining the chain of events which show the order in which certain evidence is created, and evaluating the various types of damage done. Over 50 years experience within the bicycle industry. Certified in Accident Reconstruction. Certified bicycle mechanic and assembler. Certified in bicycle safety. 33 years experience testifying as a bicycle expert in State and Federal Courts. Retained on over 800 investigations by attorneys in the past 33 years.

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