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Vu TrinhVu Trinh

Juris Doctor, UC Hastings, 1992

Certified Criminal Law Specialist, 2000

Commissioner, State Bar’s Criminal Law Advisory Commission, 2009-2012

My entire legal career has been dedicated to the practice of criminal law: I worked as a staff aid to the Orange County Public Defender, a certified law clerk to the San Francisco Public Defender, a deputy public defender in Orange County, and now as a private practitioner.  My deep knowledge in criminal law stems from handling a wide variety of criminal matters, ranging from misdemeanor offenses of all types to serious felonies like attempted murder, three strike offenses, carjacking, felony drug possession, domestic violence, criminal street gangs, and special circumstance homicide.  I have also handled a wide variety of white-collar related matters including fraud and banking violations, health care offenses, trade secret and procurement fraud, forfeiture proceedings, and environment offenses.  I have successfully won motions and trials before trial and appellate judges, and have successfully negotiated matters with local and federal prosecutors.  My success in persuading others to see my point of view and winning them over comes from an ability to communicate to the listener their civic duty, which include understanding the issues, setting aside biases and prejudices, and following their convictions to a just determination.  I have established myself within the legal community as a tenacious advocate.

Department of Justice statistics show that pouring more city funds into law enforcement to create a larger police force derives marginal benefit; something else needs to be done.  Pursuant to the San Francisco charter, the District Attorney shall investigate all allegations of violations of laws and prosecute these allegations in court.  If elected, I will propose policies focused on truth, fairness, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency.  My plan to reform the District Attorney’s Office include: (1) employing investigators who are trained in the law; (2) modernizing the department with effective technological tools to ensure that practices employed to investigate, charge, and prosecute individuals are appropriate, effective, and accurate; (3) raising the hiring criteria for assistant district attorneys; (4) establishing a Google-like search engine to allow the public to search for charges and disposition of motions and cases filed by the Office; (5) implementing a case management system similar to (CM/EFS) utilized in the federal courts.

I will restore independence, professionalism, experience, open leadership, fiscal responsibility, and integrity to the District Attorney’s Office.  I promise to work with law enforcement officers, judges, and public defenders to administer justice in an innovative, lawful, ethical, and fair manner to accurately identify and apprehend perpetrators.  I will adopt a restorative justice approach to victims’ rights that will reduce recidivism, cut costs, and improve victims’ satisfaction with the system.  If elected, my administration will make appointments and assignments based on an attorney’s merits, namely aptitude and credentials, determined through evaluations.  San Francisco’s District Attorney must stand for liberty and freedom, and I will work to protect these rights for everyone. 

I would be deeply honored to have my fellow officers of the court support.