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The BASF Email Newsletter

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The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) sends email newsletters to its membership once a week in order to inform members of upcoming events and programs.

Bullet Points is delivered to members' inboxes the first and third week of the month. This eNewsletter has information from all BASF departments and includes information on upcoming CLE programs, trainings (for volunteer staff) and events. It also includes news and information about BASF programs.

CLE Planner is delivered the second and fourth week of the month, and on the fifth Tuesday, when applicable. This eNewsletter overviews the upcoming CLE programs for the following two weeks. It also includes in-depth reviews of the most compelling programs we have offered, as well as brief overviews of past seminars and CLE programs. Additionally, this eNewsletter highlights videos and podcasts available for online MCLE self-study.

The eNewsletters currently reach approximately 6,875 member inboxes.

For a sample of any of the eNewsletters, please email

Our email newsletters will:

  • Direct people to your website
  • Increase your visibility
  • Reinforce brand awareness

Opportunity 1: Tile Ad (Available in Bullet Points only - First and Third Tuesdays)

  • Logo and hyperlink with up to 30 words in the left hand column of the eNewsletter

  • Alternately, you may supply a tile ad in jpg format at 150 pixels wide by 300 pixels high

Opportunity 2: Banner ad

  • Banner image along the top of the eNewsletter, 620 pixels wide by 100 pixels high jpg



Frequency* 1x 2x 4x
Opportunity #1, tile ad $506 $378 $311
Opportunity #2 banner ad $609 $452 $373

* Other advertising in our print publications will be considered toward frequency. Please call Mike Walker at 925-648-3101 for details.



In addition to its weekly enewsletter to members, BASF also sends a monthly newsletter to more than 2,000 corporate counsel at Bay Area companies. iCounsel consists of relevant news from our Leaders Circle firms and news outlets geared towards corporate counsel.

If an advertiser would like exclusive rights to all advertising space in iCounsel, BASF offers that option at $1,100 per month, with a minimum six-month committment.

If you would like to purchase one ad slot in iCounsel, the following breaks down the sizes available and costs of each:

• 600 pixels wide x 75 pixels high top banner ad: $600
• 150 pixel wide by 300 pixels high tile ad: $500
• 300 pixel wide by 250 pixel high tile ad: $400

Please note that because we offer the option for an advertiser to purchase six months worth of exclusive advertising rights, the above options might not be available. Contact Mike Walker for availability.


The eNewsletters may not be used to advertise competing events or CLE programs as they are designed to promote BASF events and CLE programs. Please refer to San Francisco Attorney magazine and BASF Bulletin for alternative advertising options.


Michael W. Walker, National Advertising Manager