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Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Bulletin

BASF Bulletin

The full-color monthly newspaper from The Bar Association of San Francisco. Each issue includes the essential Continuing Legal Education (CLE) calendar along with coverage of BASF events and news about the local legal community.


  • A brief read with essential information
  • Timely exposure to the city's top attorneys, law firms, legal departments and legal marketing professionals in the city's major corporations and organizations
  • An ideal venue for your firm's professional announcements
  • The perfect place to promote an event
  • The best advertising value in the San Francisco/bay Area legal market
  • An essential component of any marketing campaign that currently uses competing daily newspapers

Circulation: 8,000+ BASF members/monthly

Exceptions: No competing CLE events are allowed to advertise in this publication.
Please refer to San Francisco Attorney magazine for alternative advertising options.

Deadlines: Space and material due no later than the last day of the month two month's prior to the next month's BASF Bulletin. (Example: June 30 for August BASF Bulletin)


Full Color
1x 3x 6x 10x

Full page-back cover only
(10.375 x 16.5* )

$2,911 $2,637 $2,399 $2,182
1/2 page horizontal
(10.375 x 7.25)
$1,791 $1,617 $1,459 $1,299
1/4 page
(5.062 x 7.25)
$978 $889 $813 $735
1/6 page
(5.062 x 4.47)
$917 $824 $730 $671
1/8 page
(5.062 x 3.5)
$594 $531 $456 $414
1/12 page
(5.062 x 2.25)
$486 $441 $397 $358

*All dimensions are in inches, width x height.


Michael W. Walker, National Advertising Manager