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B2B Network for Lawyers

List in the B2B Network for Lawyers

Reach thousands of attorneys that are looking for your expertise

List now and be featured online and in print.  Online is updated monthly.

Member rate: Only $85 per practice area. Download our flyer for more information.

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In these challenging times, you need to promote your business more than ever.

The B2B Network for Lawyers, an attorney-to-attorney referral guide in the annual BASF Directory, gives you the ability to market your practice at the very reasonable cost of $85.00* per practice area.

You will get the benefits of:

  • Targeted Marketing: Over 10,000 legal professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond find the BASF Directory an indispensable resource. At $85.00* each per practice area listing, we offer an inexpensive way for you to market your practice locally.
  • Convenience: User-friendly listings place your practice areas at the fingertips of attorneys and firms.
  • Cost Effective: An inexpensive way to promote your practice and encourage referrals.

Members: Access the online version of the B2B network by logging in.

Contact Kerstin Firmin at or for more information.

*$95 for non-members