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Press Releases


July 27 Presiding Judge Teri L. Jackson Honored at 34rd Annual Judges Reception
July 26 Justice & Diversity Center Joins Bay Area Professional, Religious and Community Organizations To Demand Trump Administration Reunite Families and Respect the Rule of Law
July 2 Legal Community Raises Record Amount for Food Bank
June 15 Separation of Families at The Border Lacks Legal and Moral Justification
May 15 “We Have Lost a Noble Man” - BASF/JDC Mourn the Passing of L. Julius M. Turman
May 4 The Bar Association of San Francisco Releases Evaluations for Superior Court Candidates
April 13 Open Letter to the Editor: Prop F Answers San Francisco's Right to Counsel Promise
April 11 Justice & Diversity Center Honors Outstanding Volunteers
April 3 BASF and JDC Mourn the Passing of Judge Stephen Reinhardt
March 5 Rapid Response Networks Denounce Due Process Violations by ICE in Northern California
February 1 National Day of Service: Pro Bono Legal Help for Nonprofits Serving Vulnerable Populations


December 12 Statement on the Passing of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
December 1 Legislative Budget Cuts to the California Courts Threaten Access to Justice
November 17

Eight Members to Be Honored at Bar’s Annual Membership Luncheon on December 14

November 16 Justice & Diversity Center Announces 2018 Board of Directors
November 13 Barristers Club Announces 2018 Board of Directors
October 18 Free Legal Assistance Available for California Fire Survivors
October 10 Gloria Chun Named Director/Managing Attorney of Justice & Diversity Center Pro Bono Legal Services
October 5 BASF Statement on Gun Violence: Now is the Time to Act
September 29

Justice & Diversity Center’s Annual Gala Raises More Than $360,000 to Support Pro Bono and Diversity Programs in Bay Area

September 20 BASF's Board Unanimously Urges San Francisco Police Commission Not to Adopt ECWs (formerly known as TASERS®) at this Time
September 19 BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2018 Board
September 18 BASF/JDC Statement: End Trump Policy that Targets Parents and Sponsors of Unaccompanied Children
September 7 JDC Statement Urging Congress to Pass a Dream Act in Response to the Announced Repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
August 30 During Summer of Love, San Francisco Demonstrates Power of Peaceful Gatherings and Messages of Unity
August 16 BASF Sends Letter to Senators Regarding Current Legislative Proposals to Divide the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Judicial Circuit
August 15 BASF Statement on Violence in Charlottesville
August 1

Justice & Diversity Center Announces Recipients of Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarships

July 27 BASF Statement Condemning President Trump's Announcement to Bar Transgender Individuals From Military Service
July 20 U.S. District Judge William Orrick Honored at 33rd Annual Judges Reception
July 13 Marie Ma of Gap Inc and Adobe Systems Honored at 7th Annual In-House Counsel Diversity Awards Reception
June 20

26th Food From the Bar Campaign Sets Record by Raising $726,000 in Six Weeks

May 24 BASF and JDC Sign on to Letter Urging Rejection of President Trump's Proposed Cuts to Legal Services Corporation
May 18 JDC Participates in New Coalition to Help Bring Voices of Low-Income Consumers to the Capitol
April 10

Joint Statement of The Bar Association of San Francisco and Justice & Diversity Center In Support Of Chief Justice’s Letter To Attorney General and Secretary Of Homeland Security

March 22 Top Volunteers Honored at Justice & Diversity Center Annual Celebration
March 2 2010 BASF President Continues to Give Back, Establishes Fellowship Program
February 15 BASF Issues Statement: The Executive Branch Must Respect the Judicial Branch as an Independent and Co-Equal Branch of Government
February 7 BASF and JDC Launch Immigration Representation Task Force
February 3

BASF Signs Amicus Letter in Support of Petitioners’ Request for Writ of Mandate in Briggs and Van de Kamp v. Brown, et al.

February 1 Statement by The Bar Association of San Francisco Regarding the Executive Order on Immigration
January 25 BASF Board Votes to Co-Sponsor ABA Resolution

January 2

Justice & Diversity Center Celebrates 40 Years of Serving the Community


December 16 Merri Baldwin, Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, Installed as BASF's 2017 President
November 29 BASF Issues Statement Regarding Hate Crimes
November 22

Eight Members to Be Honored at Bar’s Annual Membership Luncheon on December 15

November 18 Justice & Diversity Center Announces New 2017 Board Members
November 15 Community Law Practice Incubator Launches with Four Participants
October 27 Barristers Club Announces 2017 Board of Directors; Adam Kaplan of Munger Tolles & Olson to Serve as 2017 President
October 11 BASF/JDC Respond to California Supreme Court on the State Bar of California’s Request for Special Regulatory Assessment
September 29 BASF Issues Statement Regarding New York Judge Garaufis Comments
September 27

BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2017 Board

August 26 Declaration of Support by BASF for Pending Federal Legislation to Appoint Counsel in Immigration Proceedings
August 17 BASF’s Criminal Justice Task Force Data Collection Subcommittee Makes Recommendations to the SFPD
August 8 Justice & Diversity Center Announces Scholarship Recipients
July 26 Judge Angela Bradstreet Honored at Barristers Club Judges Reception
June 24 Legal Community Raises $689,000 Through Food From the Bar Campaign
June 20 BASF Board of Directors Issue Statement on the Importance of an Independent Judiciary
June 16 BASF Statement Regarding Orlando Shootings
June 8 BASF Issues Statement Regarding Donald Trump's Comments About Judge Curiel
May 20 San Francisco Board of Supervisors Unanimously Approve Resolution Supporting Statewide Funding for Dependency Courts
April 26 BASF Releases Evaluations for Superior Court, Seat 7 Candidates 
April 15 BASF Board Issues Letter to US Senate Regarding Supreme Court Nominee
April 5 BASF Appeals for More Statewide Funding for Dependency Counsel
March 22 JDC Places Groundbreaking Federal Pro Bono Case Regarding Transgender Prisoner’s Rights
March 21 JDC Receives Largest Cy Pres in its History
March 14 BASF/JDC Executive Director Honored Twice in March
March 10 Justice & Diversity Center Celebrates Outstanding Volunteers
January 6 Justice & Diversity Center Announces 2016 Board of Directors


December 16 The Bar Association of San Francisco Condemns Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Bigotry
December 14 The Bar Association of San Francisco Celebrates 25 Years of Working to Diversify the Legal Profession
December 7 Legal Services "Hub" for Veterans Launched by San Francisco Legal Providers
December 1

BASF Board of Directors Offers Opinion on Protocol for San Francisco Police Body-Worn Cameras

November 16

BASF’s Board of Directors Sends Letter of Concern to ABA Over Rocket Lawyer Joint Venture

October 19 Barristers Club Names 2016 Board of Directors; Blair Walsh, Abramson Smith Waldsmith to Serve as President
October 15 BASF Announces 2016 Board of Directors; Doris Cheng will serve as Secretary
July 17 Barristers Club Honors Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler at Reception
July 13 Four Recipients Awarded Minority Law Student Scholarships
June 26 BASF Issues Statement Regarding Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage
June 25 Legal Community Continues to Raise the Bar in Annual Drive for the SF-Marin Food Bank 
June 18

BASF Board Supports SB227

May 21 BASF President Sends Letter to State Bar Regarding Proposed Two Day Bar Exam
May 13 Justice & Diversity Center Celebrates Outstanding Volunteers
April 23

San Francisco Judges, BASF Invite the Public to a Community Forum to Answer Questions About SF Superior Court

April 20 Assessment Finds Justice & Diversity Center’s Legal Services Annual Value to San Francisco $18,220,000
February 26 BASF Encourages Members and Law Firms to Sign on to Pro Bono Pledge in 2015
February 26 BASF Joins Los Angeles County Bar in Amicus Curie Brief Regarding Heller
February 3 BASF Issues Statement Regarding Detention of San Francisco Deputy Public Defender Jami Tillotson
February 2 Justice & Diversity Center's Homeless Advocacy Project Has New Home


December 19 #Handsup: Public Defenders Stand in Solidarity
December 10 Timothy Moppin Installed as 2015 President
December 5 Justice & Diversity Center Announces 2015 Board of Directors
December 4 BASF Announces Yolanda Jackson as Executive Director
November 21 Members to Be Recognized at Annual Lunch on December 10
October 20 Barristers Club Announces Valerie Uribe as 2015 President
October 17 Lawyer Referral and Information Service Plays Central Coordinating Role for Unaccompanied Children in US Immigration Court
October 16 Lawyer Referral and Information Service Wins ABA Award for its ADA Compliance and Education Program for Business
September 23 BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2015 Board
September 17 BASF Joins as Amicus Curiae in Texas Marriage Equality Case
July 29 Food from the Bar Campaign Surpasses Fundraising Goals in 2014
July 29 Retired Justice James Lambden Honored by Barristers Club at 30th Annual Judges Reception
July 24 BASF Expands Its Lawyer Referral Service to Marin County
July 14 BASF Announces Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Recipients
June 23

Stanford Report on Right to Civil Counsel Shows Success of Leveraging Millions of Dollars of Pro Bono Assistance and Cost Savings to City

May 15

BASF Responds to Governor Brown’s Revised Budget

April 30 BASF Releases Evaluations for Superior Court, Seat 20 Candidates 
April 18 Justice & Diversity Center Honors Outstanding Volunteers
March 28

BASF Executive Director Daniel Burkhardt Stepping Down; Current Deputy Executive Director Yolanda Jackson Announced as Interim Executive Director

March 25 BASF Board Joins As Amicus Curiae in Utah and Oklahoma Marriage Equality Cases
March 20 BASF Board Issues Letter of Support
March 10

BASF Board Supports Amicus Curiae in Utah and Oklahoma Marriage Equality Cases

January 6 Justice & Diversity Center Announces Board of Directors for 2014


December 13 Open Letter to Greg Gopman Regarding Homeless
November 7 Eight Members to Be Recognized at Annual Membership Luncheon
November 5 Barristers Club Name Mark Conrad of the U.S. Attorney’s Office as President
September 20

BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2014

August 27 BASF Board Sends Letter to Governor Regarding Prisoner Hunger Strike
August 19 Governor Brown Signs California Bill (AB 1005) for Judicial Diversity
August 12 ABA House of Delegates Passes BASF Resolution Regarding Protection of Voting Rights
August 9 BASF's Yolanda Jackson Gives Testimony to ABA on Stand Your Ground Laws
July 31 Scholarship Recipients Announced: Five Bay Area Law Students Awarded

July 26 Food from the Bar Campaign Exceeds Fundraising Goals
July 26

Barristers Club Honors U.S. District Judge William H. Alsup at 29th Annual Judges Reception

June 26 The Bar Association of San Francisco Applauds the U.S. Supreme Court for Striking Down California’s Proposition 8
June 26 The Bar Association of San Francisco Applauds the U.S. Supreme Court’s DOMA Ruling
June 20 Statement from BASF President Regarding Court Funding News
April 22 BASF and its Justice & Diversity Center Celebrate Volunteers During National Volunteer Week
April 18 BASF Board Supports Passage of Assembly Bill 267
April 16 BASF's Justice & Diversity Center Honors Outstanding Legal Services and Diversity Educational Program Volunteers
April 9 LGBT Groups to Present, “Marriage on Trial: The U.S. Supreme Court, Proposition 8, DOMA, and You” on April 22
March 25

BASF Supports Passage of Senate Bill 260

March 25

BASF Sends Letter of Support for AB 251

March 18

BASF Commemorates 50th Anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright Decision

March 14 Justice & Diversity Center of The Bar Association of San Francisco Launched       
March 1 BASF Joins Two Amicus Briefs
February 1 VLSP Announces New Board Members for 2013
January 23 The Bar Association of San Francisco Appoints New Members to Its Judiciary Committee


December 7 BASF President Kelly Dermody Issues Statement on United States Supreme Court Proposition 8 and DOMA Decisions
November 26 BASF Holds Diversity Summit in Preparation for 2015 Report on Diversity Hiring
October 25 Barristers Club Names Sebastian Kaplan its 2013 President
October 22 Barristers Club Announces Candidates for 2013 Board of Directors
October 17 BASF Board Supports Proposition 30
October 17 BASF Confirms 2013 Board of Directors
October 3 VLSP and Northern District Court Honor Federal Pro Bono Project Volunteers
September 20 BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2013
August 29 BASF Announces Board Nominating Committee
August 23 BASF Supports SB9 – Fair Sentencing for Youth  Act
August 6 BASF Joins Eleven Bar Associations in Amicus Brief Regarding Golinski v. United States Office of Personnel Management
July 26 Associate Justice Maria Rivera Honored by The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Barristers Club at 28th Annual Judges Reception
July 24 The Bar Association of San Francisco Awards Three Scholarships to Local Law Students
July 20 San Francisco Legal Community Surpasses Food From The Bar Goal
July 19 BASF Joins Amicus Brief to Support Sergio Garcia in Obtaining License to Practice Law
July 16 San Francisco Superior Court Open for Essential Services During Strike
June 27 Statement from BASF President Kelly M. Dermody on the San Francisco Superior Court Presiding Judge Election
May 18 BASF Statement Opposing Governor Brown’s Court System Cuts
May 14 LRIS to Offer ADA Compliance Workshop at San Francisco Small Business Week Event
May 9 Statement of BASF President on President Obama's Announcement Regarding Same-Sex Marriage
May 9 Statement of BASF President on the Landmark EEOC Ruling Advancing Transgender Rights
April 24 BASF Board Submits Public Comment to Courts
April 18 Op Ed Regarding California Courts Budget Cuts
April 17 BASF to Protest Cuts to Court Funding and Access to Justice at April 18 Rally
March 15 VLSP Honors Outstanding Volunteers, Firm and Organization
March 5 BASF Board Supports SAFE California
March 1 BASF Board Supports Safe San Francisco Civil Rights Ordinance
February 29 LRIS Panel Attorney Wins $6.4M in Roll-Over Car Accident Case
February 15 BASF Board Approves Resolution in Support of Open Courts Coalition
February 7 Statement on United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Prop 8 Ruling
January 6 BASF's Yolanda Jackson and Gap's Michelle Banks Honored by National Diversity Council


December 16 VLSP Announces New Grant from Verizon to Fund Domestic Violence Prevention Services
December 15 Awards presented at Annual Membership Luncheon on December 15
November 22 Barristers Club Announces Complete Slate of Directors for its 2012 Board
November 7 Introducing the Volunteer Legal Services Program's New Management Team
November 7 CMCP Foundation Awards BASF's School-To-College Program $105,600 Grant
November 1 BASF Confirms 2012 Board of Directors
October 27 VLSP Honors Federal Pro Bono Project Volunteers
September 30 Barristers Club Announces 2012 Board Officers
September 29 BASF's Lawyer Referral Panel Attorney Wins $5.36M for MUNI Victim
September 27 BASF Not Endorsing a Candidate for San Francisco District Attorney as a Result of Plebiscite Vote
September 22 BASF Nominates Officer and Directors for 2012
September 12 BASF sends letter to Chief Justice and Judicial Council Regarding Emergency Court Funding Solution
August 22 BASF Files Amicus Curiae Letter in Support of Petition for Review in Sander v. State Bar of California
August 19 BASF Announces Board Nominating Committee
August 17 BASF Fundraiser at Banana Republic Raises $10,000 for its School-To-College and Mock Trial Programs
July 29 Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Recipients Announced
July 22 BASF, Past Presidents and SF Managing Partners Reach Out to Judicial Council In Regards to Severe Budget Cuts to Courts
July 15 BASF Statement Regarding Cuts to San Francisco Superior Court
July 14 Retired Judge Vaughn Walker Honored at 27th Annual Judges Reception
July 7 20th Anniversary of Food From The Bar Campaign Brings in Record Amount
June 29 BASF Urges Governor Brown to Stop Cuts to Courts Funding
June 27 BASF Asks Assembly Judiciary Committee to Modify SB 163
June 3 BASF Files Amicus Curiae in Opposition to the Motion to Vacate Judgment in Perry v. Brown
May 31 VLSP's Federal Pro Bono Project Expands
April 18 20th Annual Food from the Bar Campaign Underway
March 23 VLSP Honors Outstanding Volunteers and Organizations
March 1 BASF's Mediation Services Voted #2 Best ADR Organization
February 24 Statement of BASF President Priya Sanger on the Defense of Marriage Act
February 18 Support for SB 9 – The Fair Sentencing for Youth Act
January 11 BASF Foundation Announces New Directors
January 10 BASF's LRIS to Begin Receiving Department of Labor Referrals


December 20 BASF presents San Francisco 49ers and San Francisco 49ers Foundation with Community Partner Award
December 1 BASF and its Barristers Club Announce Awards of Merit and Barristers of the Year for 2010
November 18 BASF Alerts Members to Email Scam Targetting Attorneys and Law Firms
November 4 Barristers Club Announces 2011 Board of Directors, Matt Gluck of Shartsis Friese names President
November 2 BASF joins in Amicus Brief in Perry v. Schwarzennegger
November 1 BASF Announces 2011 Board of Directors
September 20 Golfing for a Good Cause: BASF's 2nd Annual Tournament Benefits its Diversity Programs
September 20 BASF Nominates New Officer and Directors
August 30 BASF Responds to Los Angeles Times Article;
Association Defends Judge in Perry Same-Sex Marriage Case
August 30 BASF Announces Board Nominating Committee
August 5 Medical Clinic Forms Partnership with VLSP
July 16 Bay Area Minority Scholarship Recipients Announced
July 16 BASF Names Co-Directors to Lead Lawyer Referral and Information Service
July 14 Hon. Jeffrey Ross Honored at Judges Reception
June 24 2010 Food From The Bar Campaign Raises Record Amount
June 14 VLSP Bike/Walk-a-Thon Raises $18,000
May 28 BASF Releases Evaluations for Superior Court, Seats 6 and 15 Candidates
May 20 Union Bank Foundation Supports BASF Diversity Pipeline Programs
May 19 BASF Urges Boycott of Arizona
May 18 VLSP Wins National Award
May 10 BASF Foundation Presents Big Gavel Award to O’Melveny & Myers
May 7 Destination Law School Recognized by American Bar Association
April 1 LRIS Director Announces Retirement
March 24 VLSP Honors Outstanding Volunteers at March 23 Reception
February 26 BASF Foundation Announces 2010 Board Members
February 10 Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle Editor
February 3 VLSP Announces New Board Members
January 27 BASF sends letter to Senate Majority Leader Regarding Judge Chen Nomination
January 22 BASF sends letter to Obama Administration Regarding Appointment of Sharon Browne
January 8 BASF Endorses Public Broadcasting of District Court Proceedings


December 17, 2009 BASF and its Barristers Club Honor Members at Annual Luncheon
December 7, 2009 BASF and Barristers Club to Install Board of Directors on December 17
October 28, 2009 BASF Wins Two National Awards for Excellence in Publications
October 7, 2009 Avin Sharma Named 2010 Barristers Club President
October 1, 2009 October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
September 15, 2009 BASF Nominates New Officer and Directors for 2010
July 27, 2009 BASF Announces Minority Law Student Scholarship Recipients
July 23, 2009

Barristers Club Honors Judge Marla Miller at 25th Annual Judges Reception

July 22, 2009 Food from the Bar Campaign Raised $369,324
July 20, 2009 BASF Sends Letter to FTC Regarding Lawyer Exemption for Red Flag Rule
July 17, 2009 Op-Ed: Identity Politics: A Double-Standard for Supreme Court Nominees
July 6, 2009

Court-Appointed Counsel and the Public Defender are the City’s Best Bargain

May 29, 2009 Proposition 8 Ruling Bittersweet Op-Ed from President Russell S. Roeca
May 8, 2009 Legal Services Non-Profits Announce Cut-Backs
April 29, 2009 BASF’s Board of Directors Vote to Support SB 399 – The Fair Sentencing for Youth Act
April 24, 2009 Letter to the Recorder Editor: Cartoon Seems to Sanction Violence in Courtroom
April 21, 2009 BASF Foundation Announces the 2009 Lawyers Campaign for VLSP and Diversity
April 20, 2009 Former BASF Director of Accounting Passes Away
April 3, 2009 California’s Dysfunctional Death Penalty: Bay Area Bar Associations Ask What’s to Be Done?
April 1, 2009 Pipeline Program Manager Selected as Member to Equity Committee
March 27, 2009 VLSP Honors Outstanding Volunteers at Reception
March 26, 2009 ABA and BASF Host Hearing on Diversity in the Legal Profession
March 20, 2009 BASF Board Passes Resolution Boycotting the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego Hotel and Meeting Events Held by the State Bar of California at the Hotel
February 11, 2009 Barristers Club Announces New Secretary and Diversity Director for its Board
February 10, 2009 BASF Urges Senators to Consider Latino and Asians for Northern District Court
January 29, 2009 BASF Asks State Bar to Reconsider Annual Meeting Hotel
January 22, 2009 BASF Foundation Appoints Five New Members
January 20, 2009 BASF Files Proposition 8 Amicus Brief
January 9, 2009

VLSP Announces New Debt Defense and Education Clinic

January 6, 2009 Head Start Gift Program a Success in 2008
January 5, 2009 Reaffirming Your Committment to Volunteer with VLSP in the New Year

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