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LRIS Panel Attorney Wins $6.4M in Roll-Over Car Accident Case

Highest settlement award ever won by an LRIS Panel Attorney

Highest single referral fee contribution to LRIS Fund for Public Service


February 29, 2012 – San Francisco – The Bar Association of San Francisco’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) has announced the largest settlement received by a panel member, a $6.4 million settlement reached in a matter involving three gravely injured parties in a roll-over car accident.  The award secured by attorney Anthony Label of The Veen Firm represents the largest to date won by any LRIS panel member.

In this case, a shaken young woman contacted LRIS just two days before Christmas in 2009. She had suffered major head trauma among other injuries. Her mother and grandmother riding with her in the car were also gravely injured and her grandmother was not expected to survive. The defendant driver had initially fled the scene, but had been identified by the time of the call. 

The LRIS secured the expertise of then Personal Injury Panel attorney Oliver Vallejo of The Veen Firm, who partnered on the case with Veen Firm Litigation Team Leader and panel member, Anthony Label.  With years of catastrophic injury experience between them, the attorneys navigated the liability issues in the case which largely related to the non-hands free cell phone use the employee driver had engaged in shortly before impact. The collision caused brain injury, spinal, and psychological injuries to the passenger plaintiffs and eventually led to the fatality of the woman’s grandmother. 

The Label case settlement also represents the largest referral fee (a percentage of the attorney’s fee) ever received by the LRIS, which will go to the LRIS Fund for Public Sevice which in turn will help support BASF’s pro bono, minority scholarship and diversity pipeline charitable programs.

This recent LRIS settlement comes on the heels of a $5.36M settlement won by panel attorneys Greg Winslow and Jerry Hurtubise of Winslow and Hurtubise, in November, 2011.  That case also involved traumatic brain injury caused when a MUNI bus driver hit the bicycle-riding plaintiff in a cross-walk. The fee also represents the third, multi-million dollar catastrophic injury matter in just over five years for the LRIS, the first record fee having been won in late 2006 by LRIS attorneys Chuck Geerhart and Tom Paoli, of Paoli and Geerhart, on behalf of a stroke victim who suffered irreversible brain damage while on board an international flight. In that case the airline failed to make an emergency landing at a nearby airport to assist the plaintiff and agreed to settle the matter for $4.15 million.


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