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The Bar Association of San Francisco Announces Board Nominating Committee
Association members encouraged to apply for open board seats

August 30, 2010 – San Francisco, California – The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) announced its Board of Directors nominating committee and encouraged association members interested in being considered for open board positions to apply.

Nominating Committee members include: Russell Roeca, chair and immediate past president; James Mink, immediate past president, Barristers Club; Kathryn Fritz; Pamela Fulmer; Haywood Gilliam; Jonathan Hayden; Victor Hwang; Teresa Johnson; Bill Lann Lee; Mike Moye; Therese Stewart; and Quyen Ta.

The committee will meet to nominate for 2011 the positions of President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary, as well as five directors for the three-year term of 2011-2013.

The committee must make its report public no later than September 20. In addition to the persons nominated by the committee, members of the association may petition to run for a seat on the Board of Directors, or for the offices of President-Elect, Treasurer or Secretary. The petition, which must be signed by at least one percent (75 members) of the voting members of the association, must be received in the BASF office no earlier than September 20 and no later than noon, Friday, October 8. If there is more than one nominee for any office, or more than five nominees for director, an election of BASF members will be held.

Interested persons may contact Daniel Burkhardt, BASF Executive Director, Russell Roeca, or any member of the nominating committee.

The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) is a nonprofit voluntary membership organization of over 8,000 attorneys, law students and legal professionals in the Bay Area. Founded in 1872, BASF is one of the largest and most dynamic metropolitan bar associations in the U.S., with a long and distinguished record of community action, public service and service to the legal profession.

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