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Goal of Mind the Gap Initiative

To provide recent law school graduates who are unemployed or underemployed with training, work experience, mentorship and debt reduction information. This initiative will consist of five key components.

Five Components

  1. TRAINING: Valuable practical/lawyering skills training, as well as training and information regarding starting your own practice
  2. EXPERIENCE: Hands on experience with Justice & Diversity Center's (JDC) Legal Services Program case workMind the Gap: Practical Skills Pro Bono Initiative
  3. MENTORING: Mentoring from JDC staff attorneys and other volunteers, including alumni networks
  4. CONNECTIONS: Assist participants with networking and connecting with firms for potential contract or other legal positions
  5. DEBT REDUCTION: Provide debt reduction information and seminars

Get involved

Complete the Mind the Gap application (93KBpdfPDF) and email it to Please include why you want to get involved and your current employment status.

Send an email to if you are interested in being a mentor in this initiative.

More information on becoming a mentor.