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Welcome to “On BASF’s Bookshelf, a new shop with recent book releases from within the legal field, offering print versions and, where available, e-book formats.

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Featured Books

You Raised Us, Now Work With Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams

You Raised Us, Now Work With UsBy Lauren Stiller Rikleen

Available in print and e-book: Member price $12.75 (a 15 percent savings) plus tax and shipping

This important new book separates the Millennials' behavioral myths from reality. In it, you will discover nuanced insights, detailed research, and practical advice necessary to help the generations understand each other better and recognize the impact of their own behaviors on the workplace. You will also learn specific strategies that will lead to a more effective work environment and stronger intergenerational teams.



Anatomy of a ConfessionAnatomy of a Confession: The Debra Milke Case

By Gary Stuart

Available in print and e-book: Member price $23.76 (a 15 percent savings) plus tax and shipping

Anatomy of a Confession is the story of a 1990 murder trial. Two men murdered a four year-old boy. One of them casually implicated the boy’s mother. Even before she was questioned, the police hung a guilty tag on her. This book is a vivid reminder of what America’s vaunted presumption of innocence is supposed to be all about, and what can happen when the criminal justice system fails and presumption of innocence becomes just the opposite, a presumption of guilt.


Professionals, firms and fraudProfessionals, Firms and Frauds: Defending Professionals Against Liability for Client Fraud

By Craig Darren Singer

Available in print and e-book: Member price $67.96 (a 15 percent savings) plus tax and shipping

The book surveys the law regarding claims and defenses that commonly arise in a client fraud scenario. It focuses on identifying some of the most promising defenses and other strategies to help professional firms minimize the fallout from such events.

Each of the chapters is devoted to claims against professionals of a discrete type or from a distinct source.



Operation GreylordOperation Greylord: The True Story of an Untrained Undercover Agent and America's Biggest Corruption Bust

By Terrence Hake with Wayne Klatt

Available in print and e-book formats. BASF member price $21.21 (plus tax and shipping).

This is a first-hand account of the FBI investigation, known as “Greylord,” which became the longest and most successful undercover investigation in FBI history, and the largest corruption bust ever in the U.S. It resulted in bribery and tax charges being filed against 103 judges, lawyers, and other court personnel, and, eventually, three suicides and more than seventy indictments.


Velvet ClawsAnkerwycke Reissues First Batch of Perry Mason Thrillers

By Erie Stanley Gardner

Available in print: Each $9.99

Many of the Perry Mason series titles have not been in print for years. With the reissue of these iconic books, Ankerwycke/ABA Publishing will introduce an entirely new generation of readers to the investigative brilliance of Perry Mason and the masterful storytelling of Gardner, a criminal lawyer and bestselling mystery author.

Five paperback releases are being made, including: The Case of the Velvet Claws, The Case of the Sulky Girl, The Case of the Lucky Legs, The Case of the Howling Dog, and The Case of the Curious Bride.



Stolen LegacyStolen Legacy: Nazi theft and the Quest for Justice at Krasenstrasee 17/18, Berlin

By Dina Gold

Available in print: Member price $21.95

Stolen Legacy is the story of how the Nazis deprived a once prominent Berlin Jewish family of a huge building—and the battle to reclaim it.  When the Third Reich was defeated in 1945, the building lay in the Soviet sector, two blocks east of Checkpoint Charlie, just inside the Communist state and beyond legal reach.

Dina Gold grew up hearing her grandmother’s tales of the glamorous life she once led, but had no paperwork at all to prove ownership of the building. When the Wall fell in 1989, Dina remembered her stories and decided to seek the truth and battle for restitution.


Urban AgricutltureUrban Agriculture: Policy, Law, Strategy, and Implementation

Edited by Lawrence B. Bechler, Martha Harrell Chumbler and Sorell Elizabeth Negro

Available in print: Member price $74.95

A current, practical resource on all aspects of agricultural activities within non-rural settings, ranging from neighborhood gardens to commercial farming operations, this book addresses many of the land use, environmental, and regulatory legal issues that confront local governments, property owners, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and neighborhood groups when addressing urban gardening or farming. Chapter authors also describe and analyze the experiences of specific urban areas, providing perspectives on their different approaches.


Lawyere InterruptedLawyer Interrupted: Successfully Transitioning from the Practice of Law – and Back Again

By Amy Impellizzeri

Available in print and e-book formats: Member price $59.46

This book explores the practical and ethical considerations for lawyers seeking a break for temporary leaves of absence, taking care of family, changing careers, disciplinary actions and retirement.  It includes personal stories from a broad spectrum of lawyers and offers realistic advice on how to navigate legal careers and effectively transition between one’s practice and taking a break.


The Relevant LawyerThe Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession

Edited by Paul A. Haskins

Available in print: Member price $39.95

Sharing expert insights on how and why the profession of law is changing in fundamental ways and how it will impact lawyers, the authors of this thought-provoking 20-chapter book will advance and sharpen the dialogue within the bar about accelerating disruption of the legal services marketplace, and how best to adapt. The collected wisdom and legal expertise in this book will help individual lawyers, law firms, law students, and bar associations better visualize and plan for their own futures in the law.



Foreign Corrupt Practices Act HandbookThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook: A Practical Guide for Multinational General Counsel, Transactional Lawyers and White Collar Criminal Practitioners, 4th Edition

By Robert W. Tarun

Available in print: Member price $249.95

Informative and well-written, Mr. Tarun's handbook gives the reader the benefit of his many years of experience as a prosecutor, investigator, litigator, and FCPA advisor by identifying all of the major FCPA risk areas and then ordering very thoughtful and practical suggestions for how companies can most effectively address these risks and conduct credible investigations.

The new Fourth edition of this comprehensive guide is a must-buy for all attorneys at every level who represent businesses doing international work.



The American Bar Association Legal Guide for Dog OwnersThe American Bar Association Legal Guide for Dog Owners

By Yolanda Eisenstein

Available in print and e-book formats: Member price $19.95

Most dog owners consider their pet a member of the family and, in some cases, equal in status to children. But legally, dogs in the United States are classified as property. This legal guide will help you understand the implications, legal and otherwise, of your dog’s status as property and assist owners in making informed decisions in protecting their pooch. The 146-page book is a must-read for those interested in how the law treats dogs, not only within the context of their role as companions but in everything from pet trusts to dog fighting. Topics range from a city’s leash ordinance to a federal ban on products that contain dog fur.



Triumph of Genius: Edward Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent WarA Triumph of Genius: Edward Land, Polaroid, and the Kodak Patent War

By Ronald K. Fierstein

Available in print and e-book formats: Member price $29.00

In many ways, Edwin Land should be considered a prototype for Steve Jobs. The founder of Polaroid and the father of instant photography, Land ranks as perhaps the most important, yet least known, inventor and technology entrepreneur in American history. This Ankerwycke book, written by one of the attorneys on the Polaroid legal team in the legendary patent trial with Eastman Kodak, tells the incredible story of the reclusive innovator who pioneered a revolutionary system of photography that provided instant gratification. Land’s mark on American technology prompted Apple founder Jobs to hail him as “a national treasure.”



Buried Treasure: Finders, Keepers and the LawBuried Treasure: Finders, Keepers, and the Law

By Cecil C. Kuhne III

Available in print: Member price $19.95

“X” marks the spot on a treasure map. Gold, as they say, is where you find it. But a more practical legal question is: To whom does the treasure belong once it is discovered? That’s easy—finders keepers, right? This book shows how finding the buried treasure often uncovers troves of legal issues as well. The traditional definition of treasure trove followed the old rule of “finders keepers” for those lucky enough to stumble across bars of silver, paper currency, abandoned shipwrecks, ancient artifacts, or even loot stashed away in an attic or crammed into a mattress. As this book explains, getting to keep the booty is a whole other issue.


Finding Bliss: Innovative Legal Models for Happy Clients & Happy LawyersFinding Bliss: Innovative Legal Models for Happy Clients & Happy Lawyers

By Deborah Epstein Henry, Garry A. Berger, and Suzie Scanion Rabinowitz

Available in print: Member price $24.95

Change is inevitable and it has hit the legal profession as never before. Once-hallowed law firms face unprecedented financial pressures, with corporate clients negotiating rates, reducing their reliance on outside counsel, and demanding more value. Lawyers themselves, overworked and worried about job security, are more anxiety ridden than ever. This book explores seven themes to improve legal practice and client service: innovation; value; predictability and trust; flexibility; talent development; diversity and inclusion; and relationship building. The book’s overriding focus is to demonstrate ways that traditional and new-model firms can more effectively deliver legal services and align the skills of the legal talent pool to better meet clients’ needs.

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