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Answer 1

Answer 1

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Answer 1 is more than just an answering service, we're an extension of your business and committed to helping you grow your practice. Our team of professionally trained and friendly legal virtual receptionists not only answer your calls, but do even more for your practice.

Your Team of Dedicated Legal Receptionists Our team of legal receptionists are specifically trained in the legal vertical to better understand the vernacular of your current and potential clients, allowing them to truly sound like they are a part of your firm. Our legal team handles hundreds of legal calls 24/7/365, ensuring you are converting leads into appointments.

Appointment Scheduling and Lead Qualification Answer 1 is one of the only virtual receptionist providers that offer real-time lead qualification and appointment scheduling for your firm. Give us your essential qualifiers and our legal receptionists will take care of the rest, right down to scheduling time on your calendar.

CRM Integration with Clio, Lexicata and More! Flawless case management is essential to your business, which is why we focus on providing technology forward service. From the initial phone call or email, our technology allows us to input vital client information into your business CRM, scheduling app, calendar or Google calendar setup. New business and client service opportunities right where you need it, so you can focus on growing your firm.

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