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LRIS Referral Spotlight: Senior Citizen is Awarded $340,000 in Slip and Fall Case


By Carole Conn, LRIS

As was his routine, an elderly gentleman stopped into his neighborhood senior citizen center to take in a few rounds of dominos. Unfortunately, on that particular day, he slipped and fell on his way to use the restroom. The janitor had begun mopping the floor, even though patrons were still present in the center. The elderly man ended up in the hospital for several months with a badly broken leg that needed surgery.
The son of the elderly man contacted the Lawyer Referral and Information Service to determine if the senior center could be held liable for his father’s fall. LRIS staff quickly referred the son and his injured father to an experienced Personal Injury attorney.

With the injury so clearly evident, liability was the issue in the case. The essential question was if the center violated the standard of care provided to patrons by mopping the floors while patrons were still present. Also at issue was that the cleaning crew had not posted any signage or barriers to warn patrons of the potential hazard of a wet and soapy floor. The lack of warning to patrons became the key to unlock liability. The industry standard did not necessarily prohibit an entity from cleaning its premises during open hours, except that barriers and signage must be posted.

Although at the outset of mediation the senior center argued that the elderly man should have watched where he was going, by the end of the mediation the center agreed to settle the matter for $340,000.
The attorney says that he “loves helping people get back to their lives” and the intellectual stimulation of practicing law. He enjoys a busy practice as a solo practitioner handling employment and personal injury cases and has been a member of LRIS for over a decade.

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