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LRIS Referral Spotlight: Panel Attorney Settles Personal Injury Case for Six Figures


By Carole Conn, LRIS

A woman went to use the restroom at work when this most routine of events, turned tragic. A man with no access card to her building had somehow slipped passed the sophisticated security machines and highly trained personnel on the ground floor without triggering any warning or suspicion. He had made his way to the women’s restroom and hid himself in one of the stalls. The woman was attacked from behind. The man beat her and pulled out her hair. She struggled ferociously, then managed to break free. The man was apprehended and eventually convicted.

The woman contacted the Lawyer Referral and Information Service to determine if she could hold the security in her building liable for the attack. LRIS staff referred her to an experienced personal injury attorney for evaluation of this third party claim. The woman worked at a University of California building and given the University’s history of angry protests and controversies surrounding some of its policies and programs, security for the building was supposed to be extremely tight.

The attorney named two defendants in the suit: The company who provided the security and the company who hired the security. Large and reputable law firms represented each company to defend the security protocols. However, it could not be denied that an attack had taken place and that the man had wrongfully slipped through without triggering an alert. A six-figure settlement was eventually reached.
The attorney has been in practice for over 17 years and is experienced in all areas of tort law, including aviation accidents. He says that “getting results for people who have been wronged and harmed is the reward that keeps me going.”

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