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LRIS Referral Spotlight: Legal Malpractice Attorney Prevails Despite Long Odds


By Carole Conn, LRIS

A client referred through the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) had been fighting for years in divorce court to uphold her community property interest in a multi-million dollar house. Many years earlier, her then husband’s business lawyer had prepared testamentary documents, including a new deed for the house, for both the wife and husband. The wife told the attorney that she and her husband intended for the house to become community property. When the third divorce lawyer could not prevail because the deed was defective, he advised that she contact an attorney friend of his who handled legal malpractice matters. This attorney did little work in the case and withdrew after demanding $35,000 more to continue the case.

Not knowing whom to trust to handle her legal claim, the woman turned to LRIS. Staff referred her to an LRIS Legal Malpractice Panel attorney with over 30 years experience. The attorney knew he had a good negligence case against the business lawyer who had admitted in deposition that he failed to obtain documentation of the husband’s specific intent to convey his separate property interest. But the discovery of this negligence had likely occurred years earlier in the divorce proceedings, presenting a huge challenge to bringing the case forward.

After some hard negotiations, the attorney was able to procure a fair dollar settlement. He says his career has been rewarding because, “I get to help protect those who have been taken advantage of, which is why I went to law school in the first place. My work is intellectually stimulating because of all the different areas of law that underlie the malpractice cases.”

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