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The Justice & Diversity Center

Volunteer Opportunities

JDC is one of the largest and most distinguished legal services providers in San Francisco. JDC delivers free legal services through its Legal Services Programs division, which consists of the Pro Bono Legal Services Program, Homeless Advocacy Project, and the Immigration Program. JDC provides enrichment programs to diverse youth and young adults through its Diversity Educational Programs.  

JDC’s programs serve approximately 9,500 disadvantaged San Franciscans a year, with the overarching goal of assisting the community’s most vulnerable members with accessing the judicial system and strengthening their personal, professional, and economic security.

We are able to help such large numbers of people by relying on attorney and non-attorney volunteers. By providing high-quality one-on-one assistance, volunteers are able to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those we serve. Almost every JDC project offers a training component. JDC also provides mentors to assist volunteers and legal advocates working on pro bono cases.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with JDC. Check out our programs below and fill out a volunteer interest form today!

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