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Justice & Diversity Center: Support the work of the JDC

Partner with the Justice & Diversity Center (JDC) to support our work


Make a charitable contribution

You can support all of our programs or choose the one that you feel the most passionate about. Donate online or contact our Development Coordinator, Kristine Pederson, at 415-782-8967 or for more information about how to make a donation.


Our Pro Bono Legal Services program always seeks attorneys who are willing to volunteer their time to help our clients with their legal needs, and our Diversity Educational programs offer the volunteer opportunities to help provide programs and advice to high school, college and law school students. We also offer opportunities for law firms and/or in-house legal counsel departments to volunteer as teams. 

Visit our Legal Services program volunteer pages to learn more about those opportunities.

Visit our Diversity Educational program volunteer page to learn more about those opportunities.

Sponsor an event

We welcome event sponsorships from law firms, companies and individuals, and we have several events a year you may choose to support.  Learn more about our events.