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Justice & Diversity Center Legal Services Program: Community Organization Representation Project (CORP)

How the Community Organization Representation Project (CORP) Can Help


CORP connects experienced transactional attorneys with eligible nonprofits in need of pro bono legal services, such as:

Nonprofit Incorporation

  • Obtain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Draft Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

Employment Law

  • Draft or update personnel manuals and policies
  • Obtain counsel when implementing economically driven layoff plans or furloughs
  • Ensure your employment classifications comply with labor laws

Intellectual Property

  • Protect trademarks
  • Copyright materials, such as training manuals or education textbooks
  • Protect websites and other Internet materials

Real Estate

  • Review rental leases
  • Buy or sell real estate
  • Resolve zoning questions

Corporate Governance and Structuring

  • Revise or update by-laws and other corporate documents
  • Prepare corporate policies, including conflicts of interest, records retention or whistleblower policies
  • Create and structure affiliate relationships
  • Draft fiscal sponsorship documents

Business Contracts

  • Draft contracts with vendors
  • Draft other types of agreements

Tax Law

  • Reinstate revoked 501(c)(3) status
  • Other tax-related matters

Legal Audits, Trainings, Workshops, and Webinars

  • Receive comprehensive organizational legal health 'checkups' with volunteers from major law firms and corporate in-house counsel - Click here to view upcoming events
  • Sign up for the CORP email list to stay up-to-date about free events, trainings, workshops, webinars, and legal alerts

Please note that CORP is unable to assist with litigation matters.