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The Justice & Diversity Center

School-To-College: Information for Volunteers


What does an STC volunteer do?

As a volunteer you will work intensively with the STC students during after-school workshops. Volunteers help students explore possible career paths, advise on the long-term benefits of attending college and coach them through the entire college application and financial aid process.
Volunteers are also needed as chaperones for college tours and other field trips including college fairs.


What is the Curriculum?

The central focus of the STC program is helping the students be successful in high school and go onto college. As a volunteer you will assist in removing obstacles that these students may face.

Who Can Volunteer?

  • Attorneys
  • Law students
  • College graduates
  • College students attending a four-year university
  • Paralegals and administrators
  • Financial aid/career counselors

Mentor Requirements

  • Writing, editing and research skills
  • Willingness to make the commitment of attending STC workshops
  • Ability to be patient, listen, guide, support, care and communicate openly with high school students

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Be a one-time guest speaker describing your college experience, major course of study, and career outlook (10-20 minute discussion)
  • Be a one-time guest instructor discussing a specific course of study or college application subject.
    Examples: facilitating a workshop on personal statements; financial aid; SAT/ACT/Subject SAT; money managing for college students, etc. (45-90 minute presentations)
  • Invite STC students to events or activities at your alma mater.
    Examples: lecture series', general events, lecture by a favorite or inspirational professor, panel discussions, etc.
  • Be a one-time panel discussion participant at a STC workshop or event.
    Example: Attend STC parent night to describe your personal experience on a college related topic

If you cannot make a commitment to being a mentor but would like to be involved with STC, email the Program Coordinator Alvaro Carvajal or call 415-782-8952.

Steps to Volunteering

  • If you wish to become a mentor please fill out the STC Mentor Application (67KB WORD) and send it to STC Coordinator Alvaro Carvajal via:
    • Fax: (415) 477-2388
    • Mail: Alvaro Carvajal, The Bar Association of San Francisco
      301 Battery Street, Third Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94111
  • We will review your application and contact you shortly to begin the volunteering process with the School-To-College program.
  • If you would like to confirm that your STC Mentor Application was received please call Alvaro Carvajal at 415-782-8952.