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The Justice & Diversity Center

School-To-College (STC) Additional Components


STC accomplishes these efforts through a system of core programming initiatives designed to remove obstacles to advancement including:

  • A curriculum tailored for each grade level including an overview of the college entrance process, academic advising, and assistance with filling out college applications;
  • Financial literacy education that equips seniors with the nuts and bolts of applying for college financial aid;
  • Assistance with fulfilling A-G requirements—core courses required by the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU)—including a thorough transcript evaluation with each student on at least a quarterly basis, as well as recommendations for other ways that students can fulfill A-G requirements such as Advanced Placement exams;
  • A partnership with the City College of San Francisco which provides students with assistance in concurrent high school/college enrollment  and access to comprehensive educational retention programs designed to provide support and guidance as college students;
  • Field trips to colleges, job and college fairs, and discounted SAT prep workshops;
  • Development of a road map specifically tailored to each student’s circumstances and goal setting; and
  • Credit recovery support through formal tutoring in Algebra I & II; Geometry; Pre – Calculus/Trigonometry/Statistics; Chemistry; and Biology.