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The Justice & Diversity Center

The Lawyers in the Schools (LIS) program provides middle and high school age students a selection of legal-theme projects designed to help them understand important historical moments through the lens of the law. Volunteer attorneys show students a practical approach to the law, while providing examples of how the legal systems intersects with their lives. The curriculum is designed to complement the teacher’s intended instruction. Each project takes between 60 and 90 minutes to administer.

How it works

The LIS program is a unique and fun way for students to learn about the legal system. By connecting students and local lawyers, the program serves as a vital bridge between the legal community and the educational system in San Francisco. Students improve their critical and analytical thinking skills that will help prepare them for successful experiences in college and a professional career.

Projects are created and administered by volunteer attorneys in schools and youth programs in community based organization in San Francisco.

How to get involved

Volunteer attorneys are needed to administer 60-90 minute law-themed projects in schools and community based organizations in San Francisco. All necessary lesson plans and support material as well as a phone orientation are provided in advance.


To learn more and to volunteer, email Samantha Akwei at