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Destination Law School Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

The below are a sampling of comments made by students after participating in the Destination Law School Workshops:


"I am so extremely grateful to you and Ms. Jackson for inviting me to Destination Law School and am so grateful because I know I would not have made it to USF if it was not for this program.  I truly mean it." 

"I would like to reiterate my deepest appreciation for BASF's guidance. This program is a heaven sent jewel of the legal community; hopefully one day I will able to donate a considerable amount of money your cause."

"My interest was inspired, partly because of the panel's experience in social justice law."

"I learned how practical a law degree is and that it is in fact achievable"

"What I found interesting is the panel's discussion on loan repayment"

"What I found valuable was the discussion on loan help, LSAT preparation and the workload of attorneys in-house versus in law firms."

"I learned that law school is challenging but it can be done!"

"The discussions during the reception inspired me tremendously."

"I learned how to prepare, organize and stick to a game plan to get through law school."

"Something valuable that I learned is that I should do an internship."


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