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Goals and Timetables for Minority Hiring, Retention and Advancement

Read the 2015 Report.

In an effort to advance racial and ethnic minorities in the San Francisco Bay Area legal community work force, The Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF) Diversity Task Force has adopted a set of goals and timetables and periodically conducts surveys measuring the success of the initiative.

More than 100 Bay Area legal employers have voluntarily adopted the goals and timetables for minority hiring and advancement. A number of these participating law firms and legal departments have become signatories to the goals and timetables.

The current goals are:

Target Date % Associates/
Jr. Corporate Counsel
% Partners/
Sr. Corporate Counsel
% African American/ Latino Associates
1995 15% 5% N/A
2000 25% 10% N/A
2005 35% 12% N/A
2010 37% 15% 9%

Over 20 years ago, BASF began to study diversity in the legal profession. As BASF prepares for the 2015 Goals & Timetables report, BASF’s Equality Committee brought together thought leaders in the Bay Area to have an honest dialogue, go beyond the numbers and discuss how old approaches have impeded success in the advancement of diversity in the legal profession.

The November 2012 summit included two panels and seven working group discussions; and the afternoon concluded with the 2012 Minority Bar Coalition Unity Awards Reception. The two panels can be viewed on Vimeo: and


In 2010, BASF’s Bottom Line Partnership Task Force interviewed 85 partners of color, in-house counsel and managing partners in San Francisco, in order to study the state of diversity in our legal community. View the Bottom Line Partnership Task Force Report.


On October 28, 2005, BASF hosted an all-day conference on new approaches to diversifying the legal profession and improving retention and promotion strategies.

Read the 2005 Diversity Report.(231KBPDFPDF)


Additional Reports

1999 Interim Report on Goals and Timetables for Minority Hiring and Advancement (5MBPDFPDF)

1995 Report on Goals and Timetables for Minority Hiring and Advancement (3.5MBPDFPDF)




For more information, please contact Samantha Akwei at

BASF also publishes statistical information. If you would like to obtain a copy of these reports, please email us.