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For your convenience we've created a library, by section, of all BASF forms and documentation in PDF, Word and Word Perfect format. Bookmark this page for easy access in the future.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Attorney Client Fee Dispute Program

  • Fee Dispute Rules of Procedure (236KBPDFPDF)
    These rules govern the Attorney/Client Fee Dispute program. They may answer many of your questions.
  • Business and Profession Codes (29KBPDFPDF)
    For attorneys and clients: This is the code that governs attorney/client fee disputes.
  • Client's Request Form (248KBPDFPDF)
    For the public: If you want to initiate arbitration over concerns about your lawyer's bill, download and submit this form.
  • Attorney's Reply Form (266KBPDFPDF)
    For attorneys: Use this form to reply to your client’s Request for Arbitration of a Fee Dispute.
  • Attorney's Request Form (266KBPDFPDF)
    For attorneys: If you wish to arbitrate a fee dispute you are having with your client, download and submit this form.
  • Client’s Reply Form (227KBPDFPDF)
    For clients: Use this form to reply to your attorney’s Request for Arbitration of a Fee Dispute.
  • Notice of Client's Right to Arbitrate Form (109KBPDFPDF)
    For attorneys: If you wish to notify your client of their right to arbitrate, use this form. The lawyer should send this notice to the client's address, not BASF.
  • Client Attorney Credit Card Charge Form (230KBPDFPDF)
    Use this form if you wish to pay your administrative fees with a credit card.

BASF's Mediation Services

  • Mediation Services Rules of Procedures (176KBPDFPDF)
    These are the rules that govern this program. They may answer many of your questions.
  • Stipulation to ADR (39KBPDFPDF)
    Use this form to inform the Court that you have chosen the Mediation Services of BASF. Send it to the Court, not to BASF.
  • Mediation Consent Form (157KBPDFPDF)
    If you wish to initiate mediation for your dispute, download and submit this form along with the administrative fee.
  • Mediation Services Charge Form (120KBPDFPDF)
    If you'd like to charge your administrative fee, use this form.
  • Stipulation to Settlement
    If the matter settles in mediation and there is a San Francisco Superior Court case filed, use this form to inform the court.

Barristers Club

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Justice & Diversity Center


Justice & Diversity Center's Education and Diversity Programs

Justice & Diversity Center's Legal Services Program

Social Return on Investment Reports


Homeless Advocacy Resource Manual

The Justice & Diversity Center's Homeless Advocacy Project (HAP) publishes a 300+ page Homeless Advocacy Resource Manual. It lists agencies with services available to homeless and low-income persons in San Francisco. For current price and edition please contact Martha Garcia at 415-865-9213 or