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Statements of the three publicly-elected San Francisco attorneys on the importance of adequate funding for California's courts


Dennis Herrera, San Francisco City Attorney

"Our court system isn't just another beleaguered public agency.  It is a fully co-equal branch of government without which a just democracy can't exist.  No matter what our budget woes, our judiciary must be a budget priority.  I'm proud to join with my colleagues throughout the legal community to support adequate funding for our courts, and to protect access to justice for all."


George Gascón, San Francisco District Attorney

“The budget cuts to the courts system have had a severe impact on the court’s ability to provide services to low-income and limited English speaking communities.  As the District Attorney, I believe the court system is an essential component to American justice and I stand with the legal community to protect the courts and access to justice for all Californians.”


Jeff Adachi, San Francisco Public Defender

“Justice delayed is justice denied. For the wrongly accused, understaffed and shuttered courthouses mean time languishing in jail for crimes they did not commit. Make no mistake --- cuts to the courts are cuts to our core values.”

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