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Continuing Legal Education at the Bar Association of San Francisco: Committees

Family Law

The purpose of this section is to explore all subjects touching on Family Law, including community property, child custody and support and spousal support. The section also explores various aspects of counseling, mediation, rights of unmarried couples, and rights of children.

The Family Law section makes recommendations to the BASF Board of Directors regarding the substantive and procedural law of our local Family Law Court.


Chair Betsy Johnsen Betsy Johnsen
Family Law & Mediation

Vice Chair
Diana Passadori
Diana Passadori
Passadori Family Law
& Mediation

Stacey Schliffer

Stacey Schliffer
Schliffer Law

Education Coordinator (appointed by the Chair)
Elisha Jussen-Cooke

Elisha Jussen-Cooke
Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic 

Education Co-Coordinator (appointed by the Chair)

Audrey Courson
Courson Law

Immediate Past Chair Janet Frankel Janet Frankel
Law Offices of Janet L.

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