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The Bar Association of San Francisco presents
Speaking Out: Public Speaking to Grow Your Practice

September 13, 2019: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
MCLE Credits - 0.25 H, in Legal Ethics

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Marianne Fleischer
Fleischer Communications
Speechwriter and Presentations Skills Coach

David Bigeleisen
Law Offices of David Michael Bigeleisen

Dean Royer
Law Office of Dean Royer

You're a leading attorney, with years of success in the courtroom. Outside of court, consider developing further as a PUBLIC SPEAKER. Panels, presentations and media interviews are excellent ways to enhance your reputation. Public speaking is also a classy way to do marketing.

Even with success, leaders of the pact need to demonstrate they can think on their feet, out in the wild. Spend your June 25, 2019 lunchtime with a lively SPEECHWRITER and PRESENTATIONS SKILLS coach, Marianne Fleischer. Whether you are considering mediation as a full or part-time career now or later, do some professional development as a strategic, creative Public Speaker. Getting out there will grow your reputation as a thought leader, enhance your marketing-and make you better at your day job, regardless of your practice area.

• MINDSET: Shift your thinking from attorney to marketing. (You love the law. Now learn how to get jazzed about getting the word out)
• VENUES: How to choose where to speak
• BOOKINGS: By yourself, through your firm, with PR firms •and the Holy Grail; top Speaker’s Bureaus
• WRITING: Crafting narratives that move hearts & budgets, not just juries
• STAGE FRIGHT: Understanding Performance Anxiety through the Lens of Neuroscience
• ETHICS: What are the ethical rules that apply to public speaking


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Program: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Event Code: R190071

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