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District Attorney Candidates Forum is September 7


District Attorney CandidatesA question and answer public forum, moderated by Golden Gate University’s Dean Emeritus and Law Professor Peter Keane, with the candidates for San Francisco District Attorney, will be held on Wednesday, September 7 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the BASF Conference Center. This is the perfect opportunity to hear details on each candidate’s experience and their viewpoints on the issues. Candidates include: Sharmin Bock, Bill Fazio, George Gascon, David Onek and Vu Voung Trinh.

Details can be found online at


Plebiscite Vote is Not Just for San Francisco Residents

All attorney members are eligible to vote in BASF’s upcoming plebiscite vote for San Francisco District Attorney—regardless of where you live. There are five people running for this very important office—the first contested election in eight years—and an endorsement of one candidate by BASF is the coveted outcome.

BASF could endorse a candidate in the November election if ballots of at least one-third of those eligible to vote are returned and the candidate receiving the most votes receives more than fifty percent of the total vote.

Even if you don’t live in San Francisco and cannot vote in the general election, cast your plebiscite vote!

According to BASF President Priya Sanger, “As lawyers and officers of the court and members of BASF, we have a responsibility to ensure that our elected San Francisco District Attorney is the best qualified for the office. While typically you would have to be a resident of a city to have input on that city’s candidates by voting, this is an opportunity for all members of BASF to let their voice be heard. If there are 33 percent of the ballots returned and over 50 percent consensus of BASF attorney members on a particular candidate, that will lead to an endorsement by our organization, and that endorsement is powerful to the San Francisco voting community.”

Printed ballots for those attorney members without email addresses on file will be mailed September 8. Online voting instructions will be emailed September 8 for those who have email addresses on file. Voting closes on September 23 and the results of the plebiscite will be made public on September 27.

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