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LRIS Fund for Public Service: How Panel Attorneys Support BASF Charitable Programs


By Emmy Pasternak LRIS Community Outreach and Case Development Coordinator

Often this column highlights a particular case referred by the Lawyer Referral and Information Service, as well as the LRIS panel attorney who skillfully handled it. In many instances the attorney has achieved a significant monetary result for the LRIS client. What has not been described is the relationship between the attorneys’ fees, the fees the attorney forwards to the LRIS, and how those fees are used to support the non-fee-generating public service aspects of LRIS, as well as to the other BASF charitable programs. Referral fees received by LRIS are subject to regulations set forth by both the American Bar Association and the State Bar of California.

Under the rules, revenues earned by LRIS in excess of expenses may only be used to support programs which are charitable in nature. Historically LRIS has made donations to BASF’s charitable programs, and in 2006 the donation process was formalized through the creation of the LRIS Fund for Public Service. Through this fund, LRIS has been pleased to support the charitable activities of BASF’s Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship Program, the School-To-College Program and the Volunteer Legal Services Program, which is currently the largest provider of pro bono legal services in San Francisco.

As LRIS continues to meet its financial goals each year, its Fund for Public Service will continue to meet the call for financial support of BASF’s charitable programs. The benefits of an LRIS referral extend far beyond the satisfied client and the attorney who received a good case. Clients in need of pro bono services, San Francisco students, minority attorneys, and many others are touched by the positive ripple effect of an LRIS referral.

If you are an attorney seeking new opportunities to meet with prospective clients, please contact us at for membership information or call our Membership Coordinator at 415-782-9000 x8750. If you cannot assist an inquirer who contacts your law firm, consider LRIS as the trusted source for referrals to attorneys with verified experience. The number to call is 415-989-1616 or email inquiries can be submitted at


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