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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Benefits from LRIS Referrals


By Emmy Pasternak, LRIS Community Outreach and Case Development Coordinator


Eric JohnsonWorkers’ Compensation attorney Eric Johnson enjoys close collaboration with his clients. Johnson’s clients not only receive excellent legal representation resulting in awards of medical benefits, but they also receive guidance on how to reenter the workforce. Through retraining plans that take into account the client’s limitations, as well as their interests and aptitudes, Johnson’s clients are able to continue being productive members of the workforce.

Prior to opening his legal practice in December 2003, Johnson worked as a vocational counselor assisting injured workers with the rehabilitation process under the Workers’ Compensation system.
Johnson devotes countless hours to educating clients about the often confusing and frustrating elements of the workers’ compensation system. Unfavorable changes in the law over the past six years have made his job more difficult, but that does not dissuade him from continuing to assist people who have suffered life altering physical and emotional injuries.

Johnson joined the Lawyer Referral and Information Service’s Workers’ Compensation panel in 2007 and has consistently extracted positive results for clients referred to him. He enjoys participation in the service, commenting that “LRIS has been able to connect me to injured workers who are positively in need of, and are seeking representation for their workers compensation matters.”

Remembering a particularly wonderful LRIS client, Johnson mused, “We had many discussions about his work and career goals, and I had a good rapport with him. I feel gratified when clients thank me for my assistance because I know that I have made a difference.”

If you are a Workers’ Compensation attorney, or an attorney seeking new opportunities to meet with prospective clients, please visit for membership information or call our Membership Coordinator at 415-782-9000 x8750. If you cannot assist an inquirer who contacts your law firm, consider LRIS as the trusted source for referrals to attorneys with verified experience. The number to call is

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