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Child Support Department Expands Services to Assist Unemployed


By Paul A. Spraggins San Francisco Department of Child Support Services


In their latest effort to reform the child support system, the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services has teamed up with local city agencies in attempt to secure jobs for unemployed and delinquent child support obligors.

The recent partnership is the result of a U.S. Department of Labor grant which provides subsidized employment for noncustodial parents. The approximately $5.8 million dollar grant, called Enhanced Transitional Job Demonstration (ETJD), comes at a time when a growing percentage of parents are finding it difficult to meet their child support obligation due to unemployment. Over a hundred agencies applied for the grant, but only six applicants in the country were selected.

Key local agencies collaborating in the project include the Office of Economic Workforce Development, Goodwill, Probation Department, and the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services. Under the grant, participants receive paid work experience, wrap-around services to address specific barriers to employment, and enhanced services to address current child support issues and arrearages.

Target grant participants include residents of San Francisco who are unemployed or underemployed, delinquent on their child support obligation, and need assistance in becoming job ready. Participant recruitment for the subsidized labor grant is anticipated to commence later this year and continue until late 2013.

The grant program is one of many recent efforts the San Francisco Department of Child Support has taken in the down turn economy to help parents support their children. Other efforts include a program called “Job Support” which is designed to keep unemployed obligors out of court and in contact with local One Stop Career Centers. Parents with barriers to employment are encouraged to enter another Department program called “C-NET” which provides participants with assistance in overcoming personal challenges to increase their employability.

To learn more about participation in ETJD or other child support employment programs, please contact the Department’s Outreach Coordinator George Smith at 415-356-2950 or

Paul Spraggins has been a member of the California Bar for the past 14 years. He is currently working as an attorney for the San Francisco Department of Child Support Services.

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