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VLSP Offers Month in the Life Simulation of Low-Income Clients for Pro Bono Volunteers


Interested in learning about the challenges and situations that low-income people deal with day to day?

VLSP offers a poverty simulation workshop for law firms and legal organizations that presents the chance to understand how to work more effectively with members of this community, and to consider critically the ways in which services are delivered to the low-income community.

This training features role play and simulates a one-month time frame. Participants are divided into “families” with each assigned a different life scenario. Volunteers live the life of that family for one month, trying to work and access benefits, buy food, and maintain housing.

The training also uses participants to play the vital roles of community resources, such as the bank, employer, doctor and other resources the family members will interact with.

VLSP is now bringing the simulation to the community to educate pro bono attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and law and medical students about the realities that low-income clients face, and the impact pro bono services have on these individuals and families.

If you and/or your organization is interested in finding out more about our Poverty Simulation, please contact us at

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