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New Attorney Gains Professional and Social Connections Through Community Involvement


By Nnena Ukuku, Ukuku Law


My experience as a new lawyer has been amazing. Amazing does not mean easy; I did graduate when the market crashed. Nor does amazing mean that I have not had to work hard; have you tried looking for a job in this market? But it has been amazing because the attorneys I have met here in San Francisco have helped me create a life that I love.

I moved to San Francisco in February of 2009 and within five days of living here became involved with Kamala Harris’ campaign. Shortly thereafter I also became involved with BASF’s Barristers’ Club Social and Networking Committee. I became involved with these groups because I believe in both Kamala and the mission of BASF. However, I also knew that as a recent transplant from across the country I had to prove myself. When people have a chance to watch you work they are more willing to assist
you professionally.

Through Kamala’s campaign, I was introduced to influential attorneys I would not have ordinarily met this early in my career. One of those connections lead to an externship with Judge Mary Morgan where I worked with policy makers who are passionate about the issues that affect women and children—something I am equally passionate about. Through the Barristers’ Club Social and Networking Committee I have worked with committee members on multiple events: Section Happy Hours, Guest Bartending Nights, First Annual Kickball Tourney, and the annual Crystal Ball. These events have in turn introduced me to attorneys who have passed business my way and advised me professionally.

But most importantly, the attorneys I have met through my participation have enabled me to create the type of practice I want. I advise startups. My clients are passionate, intelligent, and delusional enough to believe that they can change the world. This is good because I share the same delusion. My many mentors have spent endless amounts of time advising me as I advise my clients. My clients benefit from the collective experience of my mentors and I am saved repeating the mistakes of others.

I am grateful to the legal community in the Bay Area for supporting me and guiding my transition into practice and I encourage new attorneys to get involved with the Barristers Club. Join the Social and Networking Committee, come to the annual Crystal Ball, attend the brown bag CLE seminars. By getting involved with BASF you will meet attorneys whose passion is to invest in the future—the future being you.


Nnena Ukuku of Ukuku Law is a legal Don Quixote from Atlanta, Georgia. She has started a practice that caters to early stage startups. Nnena and her Social and Networking Committee Co-Chair, Blair Walsh, were the recipients of BASF’s 2010 Barristers of the Year Awards.

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