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Food from the Bar Campaign Turns 20!


By Jayne Salinger, Diversity Pipeline Programs Director


The Food from the Bar Campaign—BASF’s annual fundraising community program for the San Francisco Food Bank—has been in existence for 20 years. It may not be appropriate to say we are celebrating this anniversary. The true celebration would occur when hunger is stamped out. What the legal community can do, however, is feel proud of its efforts over the years.

Since 2005 alone, this program has raised an impressive $1,457,358! San Francisco Food Bank

Also rising, unfortunately, is the demand upon the Food Bank. Since the “great” recession started in 2008, there has been a 46% increase in demand for food assistance. In just the past year alone, the increase has been 32%. Additionally, in 2010 the San Francisco Food Bank merged with the Marin County Food Bank where the number of unemployed Marin County residents has risen 104% since January 2008 and the percent of at risk seniors is expected to grow considerably.

Is the legal community ready to rumble for the Food Bank this year? The organizers of the campaign urge our participating firms to challenge one another and share ideas on how best to raise money. Once again the Food Bank will open up a blog where the firms can go online and see how their competitor is doing!

The campaign will run from April 18-May 13 with a kick off reception on April 5. Mark your calendars and save these dates. Last year the campaign brought in a record amount with 76 participating organizations raising $423,595; collecting 10,057 pounds of food; and contributing 856 volunteer shifts at the food bank.

The goals for this year campaign are raising $430,000; 10,000 lbs of food and the contribution of 900 volunteer shifts.

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