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VLSP Volunteer Spotlight: Baron Miller


By Jason Luu, Volunteer Coordinator, VLSP

Baron Miller is a solo practitioner and volunteer attorney with BASF’s Volunteer Legal Services Program (VLSP), bringing to the program since 2011 a specialized focus on estate planning and administration for disabled persons, among other areas of expertise. But his history of pro bono duty stretches further back. Admitted to the bar in 1973, he had the opportunity to practice law with his father for many years. Of his father, Miller remembers “…he was legendary for helping people who couldn’t afford legal fees, so it’s one of the things I learned early on that lawyers do. Obviously, a system of justice can only exist if everyone has access to a lawyer, and I do think it is a basic responsibility of lawyers to provide legal services to those who need them and are without the means to pay for them.”

It is with this sense of responsibility that Miller volunteers with VLSP’s Legal Advice and Referral Clinic (LARC) and the Medical-Legal Project in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood.

At LARC, low-income clients are able to receive free legal advice and referrals from experienced attorneys in various areas of the law, such as Bankruptcy, Consumer, Criminal, Employment, Family, Immigration, Landlord Tenant, Personal Injury, Probate, Real Estate, SSI, and Workers Comp.

The Medical-Legal Project in Bayview, in partnership with the Southeast Health Center, provides patients with the legal services needed to ameliorate issues that adversely impact their health, safety and overall well being. The Bayview area is populated by some of the city’s most vulnerable, predominately low-income people living in an underserved and geographically isolated area.

“…[F]or both LARC and the Medical-Legal Project, VLSP and the San Francisco community, Miller provides new depth and vigor in the practice areas of elder law and probate,” comments Hali Reiskin, supervising attorney for both programs.

Miller notes, “It has been my good fortune to be able to acquire legal knowledge and skills, and trying to use them to help those unable to afford a lawyer’s fee is not only essential for the betterment of society, but it is also personally gratifying.”

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