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Profile of a Donor: Richard Grossboll, Neyhart, Anderson, Flynn & Grosboll


Richard Grosboll is an enthusiastic supporter of BASF’s Volunteer Legal Services Program and diversity pipeline programs. He specializes in union-side labor law and employee benefits for union pension and health care plans. He also represents individual workers and retirees. He has practiced with Neyhart, Anderson, Flynn & Grosboll since 1984.


BASF: Why do you donate to the BASF Foundation?

Richard GrossbollRichard Grosboll (RG): The lack of affordable legal services for
low-income individuals is a serious problem in this country. Without legal services, individuals are often unable to exercise their rights and/or to protect their families and property. BASF’s Volunteer Legal Services Program is a well-managed program providing great services to many needy individuals. VSLP has helped individuals, families and children from being evicted; prevented others from having debt push people into poverty and/or on the streets. It has helped keep families together.

BASF: What program are you most interested in supporting and why?

RG: I have supported both VLSP and the Bay Area Minority Law Student Scholarship. The scholarship program is important for opening doors to the legal profession and attempting to make it a more diversified legal community. I have seen the results. I applaud BASF leadership for creating these great programs

BASF: Do you have a personal story to share about your own involvement with these programs?

RG: I have met some of the recipients of the minority law student scholarship. The program has helped enable many talented individuals to attend law school and become attorneys, some of whom were the first in their families to attend college. With respect to VLSP, the legal service program helped one individual I knew who had been homeless (for over a decade) obtain a Social Security disability award, which allowed that individual to get off the street. It is that kind of one-on-one help that makes the VLSP’s program so valuable and important.

BASF: What would you be if you weren’t a lawyer?

RG: I would enjoy working and hiking in Yosemite National Park.

BASF: Do you have a favorite quotation?

RG: In both his speeches and in his writings, Abraham Lincoln’s use of words is very impressive and memorable. Rather than one speech, such as his Second Inaugural Address or the Gettysburg Address or his House Divided Speech, or so many other of his writings, it is his entire body of work that stands out. And in our time, Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream and many other speeches are special and memorable.

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