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LRIS Panel Attorney Secures Six-Figure Settlement for SRO Tenant


By Emmy Pasternak, Community Outreach and Case Development Coordinator, LRIS


After spending nine months in jail, a man found he was locked out of his single-room occupancy apartment and all of his possessions, including his dentures, had been sold or thrown away by the landlord. The landlord had terminated the tenancy and re-rented the room. The disabled, indigent client found himself free from jail but with no possessions and nowhere to go.

In September 2009, LRIS Landlord-Tenant attorney Ryan Vlasak agreed to represent this LRIS client and sue the landlord for wrongful eviction, property loss, lockout statutory damages, and emotional distress damages. Through diligent discovery and cooperation from the client, Vlasak found the landlord had violated the law and secured a six-figure settlement for the client.

As an attorney for the past five years, Vlasak views the law as a combination of theory and practice saying, “For every sphere of human activity, there’s an area of law that applies to it. Practicing law is a vocation broad enough in its theories but specific enough to obtain concrete results for people.” A strong commitment to helping the community and fighting injustice are great motivators for Vlasak.
In addition to membership on the LRIS Landlord-Tenant and Real Estate panels, Vlasak is also a qualified participant on the LRIS Business, Labor Relations, and Personal Injury panels.

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