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Facebook Advertising for Lawyers: How to Set Up an Account


By Kenneth Matejka, Legal PPC


This article discusses the mechanics of setting up a Facebook advertising account for lawyers.

Step 1. Get a Facebook Profile

To advertise, you need a Facebook profile so you have a place to store your ads and billing info. Since people will be clicking directly to your law firm’s website, your Facebook account doesn’t have to be set up for your law firm – any Facebook profile will suffice for purposes of running ads.

Setting up a Facebook page is easy. Go to the Facebook homepage and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll find that the set up process takes minutes. You must provide a valid email address to verify the listing setup.

Step 2: Write Your First Ad

While signed into your Facebook profile, click the link at the bottom of the page that says “Advertising,” then click on the green button that says “Create an Ad.” Your ad text is limited to 160 characters.
The “Destination URL” is the web address of the page that you want people to go to when they click on your ad. This would probably be your firm website practice areas page or maybe your website’s home page. You can upload a small image (about 100 x 80 pixels).

Next you choose who will see your ads by gender, age and location. If you find your demographic target too small (say, under 10,000 users), you can expand your location targeting to maybe 25 miles or 50 miles from your location in order to get your exposure up to a larger number of Facebook users.
Now set, (1) Ad Scheduling (what time of day your ads should run), (2) Budget (how much you want to spend maximum per day), (3) Pricing (choose CPC, not CPM), and (4) “Set a Different Bid” (and set it to Facebook’s lowest recommended bid).

Now review your ad and settings, and click “Place Order.” Then enter billing info (credit card or PayPal) and you’re good to go. Within an hour or two your ads should be running.

Part 3. Monitoring Your Account

To make sure you’re not spending too much or too little on your Facebook campaign, you need to monitor your account activity fairly regularly, maybe every day until you have your bids where you want them. Then you can probably get away with checking it a few times per week (and then mainly just to make sure that people are still seeing your ads and that you’re not spending too much).


Ken Matejka is a California attorney. In 2007 he co-founded LegalPPC, a search engine advertising company dedicated to helping lawyers and lawyer referral services get more clients through Google advertising. LegalPPC has built Google advertising campaigns for 20 bar associations across the country and for a growing number of law firms nationwide. He can be reached at

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